Work From Home - Save Energy While Following Your Passion

Get out of this jam. HOW TO WORK FROM YOUR HOME RESIDENCE! Work locally, save time for the family, make your work your play.

Work from home!

Are you spending hours driving to and from work every day? Well, do it from home...

Contributing to greenhouse gas emissions as you do and burning ever-expensive petrol or diesel?

Even if you did that in a hybrid- or electric car you'd still be sitting in that same jam.

But how to get yourself the best work from home jobs, you ask?

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Work where you live, whether you're a Mum

A Dad

Or a retired "Dud" (no more!)

Three out of four workers in my locality, Wanneroo, in the north of Perth’s suburbs, drive to their jobs somewhere else - EACH day of the week. Like you do perhaps.

A lot of time is spent driving that could be used for more enjoyable things – like spending time with the family.

Burns Beach, a 15 minute drive. Good for a walk, a swim  and coffee and cake.

And, Wanneroo is a great place for staying at home any way.

The Indian Ocean with its blinding white sand beaches is within a 15-minute drive at most. We live next door to magnificent Yellagonga Regional Park, a wonderful bit of "bush" smack in the middle of suburbia.

Now Perth is only a small city of just over a million people.

Some Reasons To Work from Home
  1. Save on transport emissions

  2. "Work" with what you know and like

  3. Save on stress, gain wellbeing

  4. Save travel time

  5. Work your hours

  6. More time for the family

  7. Get to know your local community better

  8. SBI shows proof of success

But its sprawl and inadequate public transport provisions make individual car use a must for many.

Does this description fit your situation? Here’s a genuine opportunity to change that.

Work from home at what you like to do.

This website, Alternate Energy, that you are visiting now, is based on my passion: Alternative energy towards a sustainable world.

One where disability experience of limits, relationship and interdependence is a guide towards a sustainable world, one where all people may flourish…

I am getting carried away...

But that is exactly the point!

Each person has some interest or talent that somebody else would love to hear about.

Just see for example what work-at-home-mums can do with their passion and knowledge... So, you can reduce your carbon foot print by working at home - successfully - at what you like to do!

SBI success is for the steady tortoise, not the flitting hare. You want to be a Get Rich Quick Hare anyway? Be my guest...

Any questions? Please ask!

Then GO!

READY TO GO? Ready to stop commuting? Ready to do something with that unique knowledge you have and to follow your passion with your own website business?

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And if besides work from home, you want to know more about ways to save energy while you're doing that, go here.


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