Can You Count The Ways To Save Energy?

There are many ways to save energy. Save electrical energy in small and big ways. Here are plenty of tips about what you can do today.

One thing you can do immediately is to join the Green Pulse computer energy saving program. Yes! Your computer...

IPCC reports point out clearly that you and I are inextricably linked to cause and effects of global warming. There are probably as many ways that you can save energy as people have habits. Habits are often mostly unconscious. You know, like:

  • Leaving the light on
  • Accelerating your car unnecessarily
  • Staying in the shower too long, and so on…
  • Leaving your computer running...
  • And you will be able to think of so many other ways in which you too waste energy every day.

How to stop doing those things? Well, among the best of energy saving tips there is nothing that beats doing The Two-Step...


Yes, just by becoming conscious of wasting energy, you will see many ways in which you can save energy. That's your first step towards making your contribution.

The second step is improving on your choices in using energy – and do so consciously.

You'll see that you’re not powerless in this overwhelming global warming scenario after all.

So, hold on to your seat... Here we go.

Of course, the energy saving tips I give here represent only a small part of what is possible. All are "common sense." Meanwhile... none of these stop you from making your own and save electrical energy! Oh yes

Ways To Save Energy - Four Categories

For now I classify ways you can save energy into

  • FOOD

As this list grows with your ideas and experiences I will create more categories.

You see, saving energy depends on your personal creativity.

So first:


You are not an island. You exist in relationship only, and to everything and everyone. The clothes you wear, the bed you sleep in, even yourself... None would be here if not for the invisible relationships to others. Those who made them and conceived you! The materials these are made from. You simply could not exist just by yourself. Think about it!

First, build relationship with others and with your local environment

A change of thinking happens by doing things. Giving someone a hand who is highly vulnerable and dependent gives you some knowledge about limits boosts your creativity about finding sustainable approaches to life. Knowing your environment is to respect it. So join a local volunteer group perhaps? Ever thought about these options seriously as ways to save energy?

Give an eco gift Birthday coming up? Give something durable, made from recycled materials, something for a green planet.

Stop yourself every now and then and reflect on how your thinking and actions affect your immediate environment, and then think further. That new shirt you bought. Cotton? Synthethic? Soils to grow cotton well managed? Pesticides used? Herbicides? Emissions produced in manufacturing process? Is the product clean, green and just? OK, these are just some examples of relational thinking.

Ways To Save Energy

  • FOOD

These are the categories we will develop together. OK? OK! Here's a video to start you thinking. Hope your connection speed lets you play it.

Click to play this "How To Save Energy" video. Its examples work - whether you're in the UK or elsewhere - AND are pretty unsurprising, like checking the efficiency rating of your appliances. Certainly efficient, but can we think of more ways to save energy?... The conclusion about the need to change your thinking is best of all.

Keep in touch! There are so many ways to save energy together.

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