Water Well Rehabilitation Tool

by Jeff Glass
(Camarillo,CA U.S.A.)

WellJet Tool in a 1350' Louvered Well

WellJet Tool in a 1350' Louvered Well

WellJet Tool in a 1350' Louvered Well Before After Schematic of the process

We have been developing a tool over the past year and have just recently put it into use in Rehabilitating Water Wells that have lost or limited production due to Well Encrustations (i.e. iron bacteria, manganese bacteria, Calcium Chloride, Silica, etc.). There isn't anything like this available or in use in the world. We have recently applied for our Patent and Trademarked the process name (WellJet). What makes this process unique is that we are eliminating the use of Chemicals and acids downhole (in most cases) that are commonly used to open perforations and gravel pack filter media. Our tool utilizes a 500 H.P. Water Jet Pump with a proprietary rotary head that utilizes in house designed sapphire nozzles. We regulate the the pressure from 7500 psi up to 22,000 psi, depending on the casing material and condition of the well. To date, we have successfully used this tool on 57 wells. We have successfully opened 100% of the perforated zones on every well. To be fair, this has not equated into 100% of the wells we have used our system on have been "fixed". At a certain point, the effectiveness of the system stops (usually within 4" from the outside of the casing), and if there are "sand dams" or other issues into the formation, advanced methods must be utilized. Our tool has also been utilized on Well Completions. It has been 100% effective in well development where our jets have agitated the filter pack enough to remove drill mud to the point that the Aquifer to filter pack zone is clean enough to allow the fine sands to infiltrate the gravel pack zone to allow water to move through and into the production casing. This truly is a solid and State of the Art Technology. We are getting incredible support from Hydrologists, Municipalities, and private Well Owners. Our process is in the final stages of being written into the specifications of several Water Districts for "preferred methods" of Well Rehabilitation. In contrast, water well rehabilitation is usually "hit and miss" with existing technologies. Due to this reality, the U.S. Market alone is potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars for the use of this particular system alone. Our issue currently is cash flow. We have invested over one million dollars in development and marketing and we need the help to sustain this business to full development. Our background as far as expertise in this field represents over 25 years (since 1985) of hands-on development of water jetting systems use and applications.

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