Water Fuel – Beats Soaring Gas Prices

Water fuel. Water for gas is now a realistic option among alternate energy sources for private motorists as well as for trucking fleets, heavy machinery or boats. Virtually anything using an internal combustion engine.

This technology allows anyone to save significantly on their fuel consumption and results in cleaner emissions.

It is a true bridge between as yet expensive or unavailable alternatives like pure hydrogen cars and a cheaper, cleaning driving experience today. A bridge between this:

Yull Brown's patented HHO gas generator (1974)

To this:

Water fuel!

The modern HHO gas generator kit Water4gas, HHO gas, Brown's gas, hydrogen gas generators,water fuel... You've probably heard these terms and you may have groaned. Scepticism is healthy thing. And there is indeed some hype out there.

But when you look at the hydrogen generation thing closer I agree that it has real application and is a valuable kind of "people-power technology." It seems you really can bypass the big car companies!

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  • What is hydrogen gas
  • How much can you save with water fuel?
  • How does a hydrogen gas generator help your car increase it's mileage
  • Safe?
  • Other applications and benefits

What is supplemental hydrogen gas?

Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, in an atomic ratio of 1:2, that is, H2O. "Supplemental hydrogen gas" refers to the use of hydrogen as supplemental fuel to your car's engine.

Hydrogen was discovered in 1766 by physicist and chemist Henry Cavendish. He saw that gas was produced from a zinc-acid reaction, and that this was flammable in the air. The gas was named hydrogen by Lavoisier in 1783 who investigated the make-up of water. Since water gave birth to a flammable gas, he made it up from the Greek "hydor" (water) and "gennao" (give birth to).

Actually, Jules Vernes must have been aware of these developments early. In 1874 he referred to making fuel from water by means of electricity in his book The mysterious island.

"Yes, my friends, I believe that water will one day be employed as fuel,that hydrogen and oxygen which constitute it, used singly or together, will furnish an inexhaustible source of heat and light, of an intensity of which coal is not capable. "(Jules Vernes, 1874, The Mysterious Island, chapter 11)

By 1935 Henry Garrett ran the first car on water based on his invention of the electrolytic carburettor.

So there is a solid history to today's applications of hydrogen, in internal combustion engines, hydrogen cars or in propelling rockets into space.

One way to make hydrogen fuel is through chemical reactions in the laboratory. This process is expensive and impractical for use in your car.

Another, easier way, is through electrolysis of water.

How does it work

Electrolysis of water separates its two atoms of hydrogen from one oxygen by passing an electrical current through water.

Professor Yull Brown is credited with the invention of safely burning a mix of hydrogen and oxygen, which burned safely and which he patented in 1974 in Australia. Not much water is needed for this as the "Brown's gas" process expands each liter of water into 1866 (one thousand eight hundred and sixty six) liters of gas.

Brown's gas has a high energy content which results in a greatly improved efficiency from your car's engine when mixed with the fuel it normally uses, whether it's gasoline, liquid petroleum, natural gas or bio fuels.

Water fuel can be cheaply made, and safely compressed and burned.

Dennis Klein patented a very similar device based on hydrogen electrolysis , to that of Brown's, in 2004.

A 100% water car concept has also been patented, by Stanley Meyer. Unfortunately, Stanley died under somewhat mysterious circumstances, some claim. And no-one has yet replicated his working design to run your car on water only.

Hydrogen is everywhere in the universe. Water is abundant. If hydrogen fuel will one day be made cheaply this will transform our fossil-fuel based economy.

Emissions? Only water!

Meanwhile we're not there yet. Honda's FXC Clarity hydrogen car is expensive and there is hardly a hydrogen fuel network in sight for you to fill up. Just 13 hydrogen stations in California and a few elsewhere in 2008.

But with a retrofitted hydrogen gas generator in your car you can tell your children that you are building a bridge to the future now

The electricity from your car's battery passes through some distilled water, generating HHO gas. This gas is then connected to your air intake and mixed with your car's fuel. The very high energy content of this Brown's gas enables your new fuel mix to be much more energy efficient than before.

The results? Increased mileage and fewer emissions. Your car will also have more power and your engine will have increased life expectancy through burning cleaner.

You will save on your fuel bill and reduce emissions with your "new" hydrogen powered car.


Whereas hydrogen fuel is kept in compressed tanks, highly flammable and expensive, Brown's water fuel gas is is generated only in the volume needed by your car's water powered engine, as you drive. No storage of explosive HHO gas in your vehicle!

Cheap but multi-talented

  • To run your car on water it only takes the cost of water and a little electricity from your alternator
  • Produces cleaner emissions
  • It's odorless and non-toxic
  • It's only exhaust product is water
  • It is used for many things, including welding, heating, fusing and cutting. It can melt platinum!

Of course an on-board hydrogen gas generator only generates as much gas as your engine needs as you drive along. No storage of highly flammable hydrogen gas needed.


Look, by now you will have got the idea that supplemental hydrogen gas is real, and applications in transport, household appliances and more, are realistic.

It is not just passenger cars that can benefit from a hydrogen generator. Trucks and buses can potentially benefit even more. The road transport business needs all the help it can get to make a profit. Such diy kits are now available. And they are built to a high standard.

Three options

There are basically three options for anyone that wants to give water fuel a go.

One, the easiest route. Buy a ready-to-go fully assembled hydrogen gas generator kit, complete with a manual, and get your mechanic to install it;

Two, get a kit, assemble it and install it yourself.

Three,get yourself a manual on the parts you need, source them, build it and retrofit your HHO generator to your car's engine.

It's easy to locate an hho generator ebook on the internet. Some good, some not so good. But few companies sell high quality ready-to-go hho kits.

The bottom line is, a hydrogen gas generator can really enable you to increase your car's mileage between 25 – 50% and save on greenhouse gas emissions. That's up to 50%. Most will not quite save that much.

Still worthwhile though. Depending on the mileage you achieve this could mean you pay $20 - $30 less every time you fill up on gas. And, note, that's at 2008 oil prices!

There are affordable and quality hho kits or hho generators out there for you to apply the water fuel technology.


A hydrogen gas generator is not the only way to get driving on water fuel. There is a US company, United Nuclear, in the final stages of getting up a hydrogen conversion kit, allowing you to drive on pure hydrogen.

This pure water fuel system will not use your car's internal combustion system but bypasses it altogether. So a "new" engine is virtually the result. Price tag: around $60,000. Hmmm...

Trucks, buses, boats. All could use this HHO technology to drive down fuel cost.

You could even run your home on hydrogen gas. Bryan Beaulieu in Arizona, has built one. Electricity from solar panels splits "ordinary" water to produce the hydrogen gas used to run his appliances and cool his house.

Affordable? Well, his home has a $2M price tag (2005) so, maybe not yet...

Want to learn more about affordable applications of HHO gas and water fuel? Click on the image of this HHO kit to read a chapter of the hydrogen gas generator ebook I recommend.

A HHO gas generator for a truck

Overview Water Fuel System

A genuine HHO fuel system

  • Can greatly increase your mileage and save you money;
  • Has cleaner emissions;
  • Delivers greater horse power;
  • Is cheap to install, around $150 may do the trick;
  • DIY or get your mechanic to install it;
  • It works, whether you use gasoline, diesel, LPG, or biodiesel;
  • It's available now in plans and ready-to-use kits ( Click here for your free 2-chapter ebook!);
  • By all accounts, it's safe.

HHO. It's cheap gas!

Only you can decide whether water fuel is a good option for you.

It's got my tick of approval in bridging our carbon-constrained world to a flourishing world where renewable energy sources are part of our every-day thinking.

Oh... And, just before you go... You're not just going to leave it at buying water fuel gadgets to help you live with effects of global warming, are you? Living as if you are closely connected with your environment, reaching out to others, is anyone's best strategy to live well, despite climate change, economic depression or oil crisis.


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