Tips on Reducing Electricity Bill

by Darren

Tips on Reducing Electricity Bill

With the economy being the way it is everywhere in the world we are looking for ways to cut back on expenses. And this is no different with the electric bill that comes every month. The prices just seem to keep climbing and many of us are barely making ends meet.

There are some very good tips on how to save on your electricity bill. And no, I am not going to advise you to run out and buy energy saver appliances right off the bat. Yes, these appliances do help save on the electricity bill but many of us do not have the extra cash to go on a spending spree. Lets just begin with basic things.

First, an appliance salesman once told me that there is no such thing as a energy saving clothes dryer. Not believing this it was researched. The salesman was right. You will not be able to find a energy saving dryer. There is some hope though. Many times if you have the room you can put up clotheslines. It is really inexpensive to do and the clothes dry fast in the warm weather. If you are one of those that say the clothes do not come out as soft here is a trick. When the clothes are damp and just about dry throw them in the dryer and let them finish drying. Not only are they soft but how much dryer use time did you save? An hour? See the savings?

Another wonderful appliance that likes to eat electricity is the refrigerator. By keeping the freezer full it actually uses less power. Because the products in there are frozen it takes less power to do this then keep fewer things frozen. Buying food on sale and freezing will help you save money in two ways.

Remember Mom telling you to turn off the light when you leave the room? This would be a great time to listen if you are trying to lessen your power consumption. It also applies to the smaller appliances when you leave the room such as the television. Every little bit counts when trying to lessen your bill.

Weather changes bring about a hike in our electricity bills. In hot weather we break out the air conditioners. In cold weather we push up the thermostat. A new idea that was raised recently is if you move to the cooler part of your house in the summer and the warmer in the winter. Have a finished basement that is cool all summer? This can be used as a family room and even a place to sleep. While the rest of the people are using their air conditioners you are resting peacefully in the cool air that is not costing you extra. This may not work for everyone but if it works for a few it is still a great idea.

In the winter keep the thermostat at 68 degrees. Not always the warmest temperature but sweaters can come in handy. This not only cuts down on the electricity bill it also helps the fuel bill.

These may be little tips but they will they help on reducing your electricity bill. Just remember that every little bit helps to save.

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I’ve always been an advocate on sticking to the process and not the outcome. I would like to help you find others who may be able to help you conserve even more.
I also write and teach people how to search people using various engines and one of the main things I’ve learned while doing that is that focusing on the process, not the outcome brings the best outcome, ironically. Come learn more and do a free people search for someone in your area that can help.

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