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by Pablo León Fernández
(Lérida - España)


The formation of groups of units and an alternator provides Power plants of dimensions of production without you limit and all this, working with absence of energies. It is the solution of the World and the Environment of the planet, to that they hope?

MAQUINA-EHX22 creates the energy of the future. It has been obtained for the first time that when applying a force to the volume of a closed body, the explosive power that it generates can move pushing areas by periodic cyclical sections - without which the volume varies multiplying by more than twenty the used force.

In the history of the hydraulics never it was possible to be able to multiply the energy. In order to make it possible, and for want of knowing another form, it is only possible to be managed having formed individual volumes in watertight cavities and turning in rotation, when applying to him a force from the outside, the power of its transformation pushes a section of turn of degrees (similarity to the race of push of the rectilinear cylinder). The volume at the same time as one moves pushing a free plane, it follows connected the outer force and is growing his power - without varying his volume, which obvious confirms another concept in Matters Energetics that transfer the present knowledge of the physics and the mathematics, because simply and level, the outer energy of its own production that enters during the development of forces of the cycle, with the push is multiplied. Nothing similar is known until now. Universal Formula that supposes such invention, once concluded the works of investigation, development and tests, has been patented.

The devised thing is based on to have formed a system unique Machine with the necessary thing so that in independent zones volumes formed between the cavity of the free plane of the Rotor and the Shirt, maintain their watertightness in spite of being in permanent rotation, the volumes from an outer power source (bulk injection pump) are transformed and with the pressure that reach they realise races of push but without varying the volume pushing the Rotor one on its axis by periodic cyclical sections.

This new concept in the hydraulics, allows to realise an ample fan of models that are scaling different powers. The smallest model has two zones with a Rotor of 200 mm of diameter and length 485, the 70 pump injects to k/pcm2 and with the different deductions the average from the adiabat of the two races of push by return of each 350 about 40 cycle is of k/pcm2 pushing cm2 that add the areas of their two free planes, and turns to 1,000 rv/m. It produces about 137 KW and from them, it derives for the consumption from the electrical motor from the bulk injection pump 6.7 KW and the greater model (than it allows to be realised with the machines standard tools present CNC in the market), is of 4 zones and four cycles by return and each zone, the Rotor has 950 mm of diameter and 1,490 mm in length and weight 18.8 t, each zone/cycle their free plane are of 1,250 mm in length and width 140 mm of effective push, turns to 800 rvm with an average pressure of push on 190 kg/cm2, four groups of motor pumps (one by cycle) inject each 1,490 l/m and has 1,020 310 CB inject under pressure of kg/pcm2. The towing traction force is approximated of 1.330.000 39 kilograms and as m/s turns to and the alternator reaches 13 the maximum power to m/s multiplies this force by three what supposes an electrical production available of about 34 MW.

Machine at issue, is compound of a Rotor lodged in its Shirt (body housing) and supported in the bearings of its covers. The Rotor incorporates several watertight zones (from 2 to 4 according to model), by the composition of the material and special design of the meetings that constitute the walls, these are hermetic in their rotation by the interior of the Shirt and they are supplied oil by bulk injection pumps (from 1 to 4). The physical and mechanical properties of all the process of accomplishment that forms Machine, allow to develop to pressure powers up to 310 k/pcm2 and all this to the obtained salary to devise the necessary mechanisms that they make possible the development of the cycles that are exposed of brief form in the four following points:

1- In the surface of the Rotor, spaces are distributed the same that locate the zones, in each and its forcebody to the rotation, a special semiangle equipped with greater area has practiced its plane - to of push, its full oil cavity lodges the volume

2- The volume when connecting itself with the pump initiates the development of the race of the cycle and disconnects when finalizing while it remains without varying in his displacement of push.

3- The zones are separated by short spaces in which the entrance system has practiced and exit of the fluid that allows to the change of cycles, releasing the pressure to the outside to repeat the entrance and to develop following and the successive ones again. Thanks to this system of periodic cyclical change a1.000 can reach speed superior rv/m.

4- The singular one I devise of conduits in each zone, they act like perfect pipes and the volume can move without varying for being the conduits those that progressively extend with the rotation of the volume and only precise few cm3 to transform it, and therefore, obvious reason for which FREE AND CLEAN ENERGY is created for the first time.

The validation of its operation has been realised by a Professor of Fluids. To any I will answer it question if you identify yourself. Mail: maquina-x22@vodafone.es

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