The Alternative to wood

by Anthony
(San Francisco USA)

We are owners of a innovative patented technology that will address and positively impact recognized environmental issues. Our patent provides an alternative to wood made from recycled plastic and rice waste and can be used in industries such as Construction, Furniture, Automotive and Marine.

Our recognized product(s) have unique competitive advantages over standard wood in that we’ve achieved the foregoing water, fire and pest resistance properties while providing outstanding strength (more durable than wood) and surface finish.

Our product not only proves to be more durable, fire resistant, water resistant, and termite proof, but it takes waste materials normally discarded in environmentally counter-productive ways and creates a green product that can be utilized in green buildings. We strive to become the World Leader in providing durable, environmentally friendly Green building materials while creating value and sustainability in local communities and organisations.
This sounds very interesting. If you are looking for funding or investment, please tell us more here.

Regards Team

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