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Sustainable Policies

by Sh. P. Suresh

Definitely "DEMOCRACY" is not proving to be as fair, equal, transparent etc as what it sought to. Somebody's gain is because somebody is being made to lose, only that the technique is different.

Mankind's civilisation is several centuries old. Man has acquired lot of wisdom over the period. The most advanced of all creatures, man, in combination with power of technologies can turn the universe into heaven for every creature on planet earth. Instead of being a dinosaur, or even worser, EVERY MAN and WOMAN can turn to be a GOD in his/her own right.

It is imperative and prudent upon mankind to be aware of the onerous responsibility of letting the universe live for billions of years and not destroy it, for future generations of animate and inanimate constituents need these basic substances and structures. It would be nice if mankind can find pleasures through renewable forms. Let energy be derived through friendly, sustainable sources.

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