Solar Lighting for the poor

by Michael Addinall
(South Africa)

Two years ago i saw the need for a solar house lighting solution after witnessing two small black children in South Africa doing home work by the light of two candles whilst their Mother was cooking on a paraffin stove using a paraffin lamp for illumination.

I was so upset that I returned home and informed my wife of what I had witnessed and told her that I was going to design a solution -- little did I know of what effort it was going to take

Today I am happy to say that it is complete a small solar panel that powers four ceiling-mounted lights with a study lamp and mobile phone charger. It is a complete plug and play DIY system capable of lighting a small house of 55 square meters.

We have so much yet there are millions of people that do not have the benifit of lighting in their everyday lives

I hope that this product will be able to be used by many millions of those less fortunate.


Thank you for this Michael. You are showing how the greatest alternative energy is right inside us. Compassionate creativity. Without that nothing will work.

Yours is an inspirational story. Please let us know more about the availability, distrivution and costt of your product. If you need assistance, please outline how people can help.


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