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solar light for children in non electrofied / poor school going children

by samapta rajbongshi
(dhaka bangladesh)

Thank you for the chance to say my idea from Bangladesh, which is the poorest and most affected country by climate change in the world.

In Bangladesh about 60-50% of people live without electricity and90% live under the ultra-poor baseline. Education coverage is only projected to reach 30 % by mid 2015, according to UN statistics. We need to support poor people to have safe access to sufficient energy. Then they can save their money instead of having to buy kerosene. Children can then be safe from a harmful environment and women can spend more time in home work or other economic work etc.

My concept or idea

Each child receives a solar lantern after admittance into a school. A solar panel is installed on the school roof and the child recharges its solar lantern each day at school after using it the previous evening.

Our aim is for every student,mainly girls to
save money by solar panel use, have more light and extra time after completely charging the solar lantern. The panel can also be used to charge battery or on grid or irrigation or other necessary need.

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