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Solar Energy Funding/Grant/s


I have invented a Solar Heat Collector which will:
- heat water (Solar water heater),buildings and swimming pools
- generate electricity :
* for domestic use by using a Solar Panel system and
* in large scale power station applications in the same way that Concentrated Solar Power stations operate
- purify contaminated water from streams and rivers to prevent cholera and such diseases from claiming the lives of the most vulnerable. The design work is complete and development and testing of the design is required.
- desalinate seawater
- provide power to satellites in orbit
among other applications.
The products which will emanate from the invention have no geographical boundaries.
The Solar Heat Collector uses the same technology; viz.: Concentrated
Solar Power(CSP) as that used in large scale solar power stations but
the heat collector was miniaturized for domestic applications by using
the knowledge gained while studying for a Bachelor of Engineering
degree at the University of Durban-Westville and in subsequent years.
This design modification fortuitously qualifies the Solar Heat
Collector for design patent protection.
The target market for the solar heat collector has no geographical boundaries.
The solar heat collector has enormous export potential.
I have prepared a comprehensive business plan including sales
forecasts, quotes for all items required and specifications where
necessary. This document is available for your perusal.
The funding required is in the region of R30million (+/- $4.5 million) to;
* start-up a business to manufacture the afore-said products
* purchase machinery and equipment
* working capital
* research and development
The funding can be made available by providing
• +/-60% of the R30 million and the balance will be co-funded by the National Empowerment Fund of South Africa.
• 100% of the R30 million being provided
Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this matter further.
Kesavan Nulliah
e-mail: vinesolar@gmail.com
Cellular Phone - +2782 435 3583
Fax.: 031-4644414

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