Nuke Plants have become radioactive waste dumps

by Bonnie
(Fort Pierce, FL)

Any advantage we may receive from nukes is FAR outweighed by the cost and danger.

Nuke waste must be kept safe from leaking, secure from multiple dangers and these "profitable" issues go on and on and on. Great job security.

But our nation and world are seeing we have been misled by the profiteers, who don't give a damn about health and the cost to the rate & taxpayer.

Florida Power & Light declare in their brochure that nukes are "NON-polluting and clean"! What manipulation for mere profit.

Nukes release radioactive materials into our air and water, on a daily basis unknown to the public. They store highly radioactive spent fuel rods on site that are way over the capacity the plant was designed to house. No one wants radioactive waste.

We have chosen an inefficient, deadly energy source when there are truly CLEAN alternatives. NOT Black oil, Filthy Black Coal nor radioactive Black nukes. Geez

Solar came out in the 70's where it was shot down by the Black profit first energy sources. How shortsighted.

The sun is beating down on me now, the wind is brisk off the ocean, and I no longer want to subsidize or safeguard this industry that can wipe out humanity.

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