Nuclear waste is effecting our planet.

by Matthew carr

Nuclear waste now is being put deep into the earth in concrete blocks full of nuclear waste.

Who's Brillant idea was that? Did no one think that the concrete box may crack or break and let nuclear waste leak out. The Nuclear waste will then absorbed by plant life like grass,trees, and crops. This will be passed into animals and humans.

Nuclear waste can alter DNA and other parts of organisms. They say nuclear is clean. Prove it is what I say. There is natural radiation but making it is worse and those working at the Nuclear plants are in real risk.

The Atomic bomb was humanity's greatest mistake. We create a bomb that has the power of the sun in it and turn it into a weapon of mass destruction. The waste is not safe to dispose . The government has been doing nothing but skipping around the roses.

Happy time is almost over. The Scientists are not scientist anymore because they now are bargained for money not what needs to be done. Do what's right not for money.

Care for the future generation. Care for Brother,Sisters,Sons,and Daughters future world.

Stop the Suffering from nuclear waste.
Remember Chernobyl 1986.

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