Nuclear reactions below the magnetosphere are irresponsible

by AC

I am all for nuclear power as long as it is 92 million miles away. My plans for a nuclear reactor also include a magnetic 'force field' that starts a couple hundred miles above the earth and extends tens of thousands of miles out into space. I call it a magnetosphere.  I also would prefer a 40 mile thick layer of radiation blocking atmospheric gases between my family and any nuclear reactions.

We have only understood particle physics for a few generations. The first or second thing we do with the knowledge is go against a basic building block of something called Nature. 

Nuclear relations ON planet earth are not compatible with human life.

Nuclear reactors are only 'safe' when a series of systems with multiple points of failure is closely monitored by highly trained people.

So let me get this straight. God, Nature, random chance or whatever you call it spends billions of years crafting a freaking force field out to protect life from nuclear reactions and you think you know better?


Conveniently the magneto-atmospheric system above our heads allows safe energy through to the surface of the earth. It powers plants, plankton, oh and solar panels. Using modern panels the entire energy consumption of the USA could be supplied by a 200x200 mile area. Do the math yourself, i used a new German array and scaled up its cost and output. The cost is trillions of dollars at current market rate. I did not factor in any volume discount. The benefits include no more brave kids dying in god forsaken countries(middle east) and hundreds of thousands fewer miscarriages (diesel exhaust). There are lots more, you heard of the BP oil spill? Exonn Valdez? You ever spend 60 dollars to fill your gas tank for just 3 days of driving?

We have the alternate technology, so why would we create nuclear reactions on the planet earth?

Hi, thanks for your views. Present nuclear accidents in Japan seem to add to your arguments. Apart from the wisdom of nuclear plants in a country with permanent high seismic activity, we must remember the rule that if something can go wrong it will... If something going wrong means widespread radiation for many, many years, compare that to the impacts of windmills, solar panels and geothermal energy, and I stick my hand up for the latter.

I wonder if the terrible situation in Japan, resulting from severe earth quakes, will prompt re-thinking about a focus on renewable energy. And... importantly, on saving energy. Perhaps we can save our planet by focusing on human needs for growth and development rather than on human wants for unlimited material growth?

Any thoughts?
Regards, Team

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