Nuclear Power is probably the only way forward

by Howard

Although like all options, there are risks, Nuclear power (preferably fusion if it can be made to work practically but for now it will remain fission) is probably the only way to give us the energy we will need in the future. Burning fossil fuels is leading us towards environmental disaster.

If nuclear power plants can be built to standard designs reducing the costs and ensuring maximum safety this will help.

Whilst I'd love to just say we should just use renewables, I don't think they will be able to supply enough energy. Only nuclear power can supply the large amount of energy required by our future societies so we have to do it as safely and cleanly as possible and mitigate risks.

In addition we all need to save energy and insulate heat etc. wherever possible. Walk or cycle instead of drive, work from home instead of an office etc.
Thanks for that comment Howard. Like your suggestions on saving on energy use. But what should we do about the nuclear waste?

Regards, Team

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