Nuclear Energy...Of course.

by Matthew Gideon

The advantages to Nuclear Energy outways that of the disadvantages. People say that "Nuclear energy is an unwanted risk on those near the plant." As compared to the risk of driving, which is wanted, and happens to be much higher. Nuclear energy solves pollution which means no green-house effect, therefore Global Warming disappears utterly. A good and controlled reactor can be as safe as strolling in the park. as previously stated, Nuclear energy provides 18% of the energy needs, and we don't even have a lot in USA. Imagine the possibility of a United States with Nuclear Energy. It is also cheaper than coal. The net benefit is greater. Also the hype about death from nuclear plants is just hype, the government running a "band-wagon" approach. If you take a look at nuclear "disasters", at max they kill 30+ people, as in the Chernobyl accident. Take a look at how many deaths are caused by a mine caving in which often kills 100's. Another disadvantage is "Nuclear War". It is completely irrelevant.

If we ban nuclear energy it will result in less energy, higher prices, and inevitably results in a poor world. As I've stated Nuclear energy is cheap, so a country in need is going to look at nuclear power as a weapon to control and not help.

Public opionion, as of today, is: "Nuclear is another word for Death, and destruction." It's not their fault. It is the government's. Propaganda is rampant, and people succumb to its enticing popularity. Lets start running campaigns where nuclear energy is seen as a good thing. See how many people realize what they see.

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