Nuclear Energy Debate - What Does Barack Obama Think About It?

What does Barack Obama Think About Nuclear Energy, Coal And Renewable Energy?

Is nuclear energy the clean and quick answer? Find out here what Barack Obama thinks about that.

The nuclear energy debate is not over by a long shot. The world has not yet seen any positive impact on global warming from the implementation of renewable energy. Of course not. There is so little of it and some, like solar PV energy, still cost too much.

The World Nuclear Association tells us that right now there are about 435 commercial nuclear power reactors operating in 30 countries. They have a combined 370,000 MWe of total capacity. They provide some 16% of the world's electricity. In addition there are 284 research reactors in 56 countries as well as 220 reactors power ships and submarines.

You can see a world map of nuclear power plants here. PDF download. Courtesy International Nuclear Safety Center . It's time the nuclear debate were concluded. The Earth cannot wait.

Nuclear energy? Renewable energy? Or is nuclear fusion an answer?

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Yes, President Obama is right, no energy sources are perfect and nuclear energy is certainly no easy fix.

As energy issues, financial problems and global warming converge a tough future lies before us and our kids. A genuine nuclear energy debate must be conducted at all levels.

How we deal with it depends on how much you are prepared to learn about these issues. And how to live accordingly. No President, Prime Minister, queen or king of any country will be able to take magical measures to get you out of this fix. It's up to us.

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