Nuclear Energy As Least Worst Option

by ShiloBobbyFredyJr.

Anything that does NOT kill plants- does NOT kill animals- and does NOT kill our planet will be worth using. I am all for Nuclear Energy. Just until the scientist figure something more eligible for our earth.

Thanks ShiloBobbyFredyJr.,

Great comment but...Is it all up to the scientists then?

A great deal of emission saving can be done by reducing our energy uses. Do we need advertising lights or in office buildings on all night? Do we really need to go to all these places we use the gas guzzler for? Many more examples exist and you will see a thousand energy saving opportunities around you once you change your mind

Do we really need to throw out as much as we do? Can we re-use or repair it? Or find a way to recycle it?

There will never be enough energy to satisfy all human wants, no matter whether it is renewable or other energy. We if each of us rethinks their needs, and acts accordingly...?

Maybe we get too stuck on the means to energy and forget about what drives them.

Perhaps by doing that (and no-one has to wait for anyone else to start), and saving heaps on emissions and financial costs in the process, we buy time to consider the most sustainable energy options. Even if you look at nuclear energy as the least worst option, none are being built right now. And it takes many years to get one up and running.

Alternate Energy

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