Nuclear Energy Advantages Saving Us From Global Warming?

Nuclear energy advantages are oversold. Or are they?

Talk about it!

Governments everywhere are scrambling for global warming solutions. They seem to prefer those that promise business-as-usual, economic growth, AND deliver us from the dire effects of global warming.

Yet, there are contrary approaches too. An entire Danish island running on wind power, solar power taking a large share of energy production and hydrogen energy in Iceland...

Nuclear energy is often held up as one energy that can save us from catastrophic effects of global warming. But where is the evidence?

nuclear energy advantages - can they save you from global warming? Talk about it! Are nuclear energy advantages genuine? But what about the disadvantages? What can we believe about promises for "safe" nuclear energy? And what about renewable energy?

This debate is too often too "hi-tech", polarised, politicised and hi-jacked by vested interests. The impacts of this "debate" will be lived by your children and theirs.

So Alternate Energy Sources For A Flourishing Future thinks it's time to hear from those in the know. Those who have a view, a searching question or a picture that tells a thousand words.

Nuclear energy has awesome power. Perhaps for good. And we know, also for bad. Here you can watch a reminder of its terrible power:

Nuclear Energy Advantages And Global Warming – For Or Against?

So many ways to combat global warming, including with nuclear energy. And so much urgency to flee the big global fry-up. So, what do you know?

Is nuclear energy the "only clean energy source" that can deliver us from global warming? What do you think?

For? Against? Or a middle way?

Governments are scrambling for solutions. Lets see what creative and renewable energies of your thought can contribute to the nuclear debate.

Publish your view, your great question, your latest information source, or that picture that says it all, right here!

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Nuke Plants have become radioactive waste dumps Not rated yet
Any advantage we may receive from nukes is FAR outweighed by the cost and danger.

Nuke waste must be kept safe from leaking, secure from multiple dangers …

Japan's 40 Years of Nuclear Waste Not rated yet
Based on what I have researched, Japan has been using nuclear energy since 1970. Much of the nuclear waste had been stored in Aomori. From what I have …

1st International Uranium Film Festival against Nuclear Energy Not rated yet
Chernobyl, Fukushima, Rio de Janeiro? We have 2 nuclear power plants in Brazil close to Rio de Janeiro, and the Government wants to built up to 50 more …

Nuclear energy - Into eternity? Not rated yet
Whenever pro-nuclear energy drones talk about the value of nuclear energy they always reference a possible melt-down as the problem, but the problem is …

Radiation from Japan can get in the West Coast of the US? Not rated yet
Can the nuclear radiation travel all the way to the West Coast of the United States, or even all around the world?

Yes, nuclear radiation from Japan's …

Yesterday I read about the news of radiation.

If radioactive rays are so harmful , people must live without electricity because they can kill anyone …

Not nuclear - Opt for a green future. Not rated yet
When we have so much nature given source for all our needs, why should we opt for nuclear power? In the interest of our future generation I solemnly ask …

Nuclear reactions below the magnetosphere are irresponsible Not rated yet
I am all for nuclear power as long as it is 92 million miles away. My plans for a nuclear reactor also include a magnetic 'force field' that starts a couple …

Nuclear Power is probably the only way forward Not rated yet
Although like all options, there are risks, Nuclear power (preferably fusion if it can be made to work practically but for now it will remain fission) …

A Request for Help Not rated yet
Hello there fellow internet goers and whatnot. Got a bit of a question for some of you, if you don't mind.

I'm interested in Nuclear Radiation, it's …

Island Nuclear Plant First of New Generation Not rated yet
Anglesey may site the first of a new generation of nuclear power stations in Britain after Horizon Nuclear Power, the joint venture between E.ON and RWE, …

A Million Reasons Why... Not rated yet
Global warming is something that we all can help slow down. But nuclear energy? People are always looking for ways to make money, dangerous or not. …

Cold Fusion 
What happened with the talk of Cold Fusion which aired on 60 minutes earlier this year. Seemed to get very quiet about it shortly thereafter. Should have …

Nuclear power plants now! Not rated yet
Nothing is more safer, more environmentally responsible and more efficient than nuclear. Build these power plants now so we can all have electric vehicles …

Nuclear waste is effecting our planet. Not rated yet
Nuclear waste now is being put deep into the earth in concrete blocks full of nuclear waste.

Who's Brillant idea was that? Did no one think that the …

New Nuclear Build in Britain 
With a growing energy gap looming over the next decade, the UK government is driving forward with new nuclear build to replace the retiring fleet of old …

Global warming will result in huge advantages for nuclear energy Not rated yet

Nuclear Energy Is Good and Bad. 
Nuclear energy is good when you use it for electricity and it will save us money in the future. It is also bad because people are using it incorrectly. …

For nuclear energy - A safe source for the future 
Nuclear Energy, the process that produces energy from uranium is safe when it is understood!

The reactors simply induce and accelerate the process of …

Nuclear Energy - It's Wrong 
Nuclear energy is wrong. It's unnatural. Things like these were not meant to happen. When fossil fuels run out I'll ride a horse just like my ancestors. …

Nuclear: No Other Choice Not rated yet
Why pretend that wind and solar are a serious option? The City of Chicago would have to buy the state of Wisconsin and cover it with solar panels so they …

Say NO! to Nuclear Energy Not rated yet
I think that nuclear energy is bad for the environment. I am only 13 years old but I am doing an assignment about it.

My assignment is to go against …

Nuclear Debate Need Facts, Not Hyperbole 
As I read some of these opinions I am struck by a sense of irony. As an engineer with over 30 years in the nuclear power industry I approach every day …

Nuclear energy could kill millions of people within thirty miles in less than a second. Out of tens of thousands of people only 4 were injured in a nuclear …

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Nuclear energy, in combination with energy efficient homes, could reduce CO2 emmissions considerably Not rated yet
Every bit counts. Today you can acquire a ready-made ecologically friendly home for a relatively cheap housing price. A green home is great way to …

Nuclear Energy As Least Worst Option Not rated yet
Anything that does NOT kill plants- does NOT kill animals- and does NOT kill our planet will be worth using. I am all for Nuclear Energy. Just until the …

make up ur mind Not rated yet
Make up your mind do y'all think its good or bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pro-nuclear Not rated yet
The use of nuclear energy, I think, is very safe and clean. It does not give off many greenhouse gases. Surely, that would be almost enough to convince …

nuclear energy, a good thing  Not rated yet
In the U.S. nuclear reactors would have strict quality regulations and would be very carefully monitored. Staff would have to follow strict rules and follow …

Global warming Not rated yet
In stead of using emission-rich fossil fuel (Ed) for car fuel, we can substitute GAS for ELECTRICITY. There are methods to make completely electric cars, …

Alternative to Nuclear Energy Not rated yet
I just want to find some other resources instead of nuclear energy. My very small idea is here.

Though its not too significant or efficient, it'll be …

Nuclear Energy...Of course. Not rated yet
The advantages to Nuclear Energy outways that of the disadvantages. People say that "Nuclear energy is an unwanted risk on those near the plant." As compared …

Nuclear energy...out of date? Not rated yet
There is a new energy source, relatively similar to nuclear fission, it is called fusion. This new source exists in the stars. This isn't a lie. Stars …

Help Not rated yet
Global Warming is becoming a bigger threat each day and if we begin to use Nuclear energy then that will be a big help.

Since the early 1990s Russia has had a program to develop a thorium-uranium fuel. Their research in more recent times has moved to having a particular …

Against Nuclear Power and yes for renewable energy 
Nuclear power is a bad source of energy. It produces radiation, and if, by any chance reactors leak, it's going to cost the lives of innocents. Nuclear …

How to stop pollution quickly Not rated yet
I have an invention that will impact on global warming as quickly or as slowly as desired.

Many many people have made the claim that they have invented …

nuclear energy enquiry 
What will happen to the Earth if nuclear energy was banned?

Go Nuclear Now 
I think we should go for nuclear energy as something that can help us now with global warming.

Here in Australia the Labor Party and Green Party rejects …

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