Nuclear Debate Need Facts, Not Hyperbole

(Michigan, U.S.)

As I read some of these opinions I am struck by a sense of irony. As an engineer with over 30 years in the nuclear power industry I approach every day of the job with a committment to "get it right the first time".

One of the critical facets of our job is to seperate facts from possibilities and to make decisions based on credible evidence. We also have an arsenal of human performance tools designed to prevent us from making mistakes. The number of checks and peer reviews we have to push ideas through before they become reality would astound you.

Nuclear power plants have many systems which exist solely for reactor protection - with extensive degrees of redundancies within these systems.

This is a big part of why they cost so much to build - there is so much high quality equipment with no electricity producing purpose.

I could try to build a detailed case for proof of the safety of nuclear power. It would likely be a waste of time because those who express their strong anti-nuclear sentiments do not dwell on facts. Killing millions of people within seconds? How is that even possible.

Suffice it to say - I have no problem with the idea of my family or any loved one living in a house right next door to any plant in this country.

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