Manufactured Landscapes - An Eloquently Powerful Green Movie

Manufactured Landscapes - A Powerfully Eloquent Green Movie

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Manufactured Landscapes starkly exposes the beauty And the destruction of human mass-made, mass-produced endeavours.

Its director is documentarian Jennifer Baichwal who uses one man's voyage through Asia as he photographs endless numbers of lined up factory workers, gargantuan ships gutted, unimaginably huge recycling dumps, The Chinese Three-Gorges dam and strip mines stretching forever. That man is celebrated still photographer Edward Burtynsky.

All these images are witness to un-natural landscapes. Man-made environments in which many of us (must) live. The manufactured landscapes overwhelm and destroy natural land forms. But Jennifer Baichwal lets us watch and judge for ourselves what this means. No heavy-handed "Al Gore-like" messages are given because the images speak loudly for themselves: This is "Progress" and its price.

Manufactured Landscapes balances the images of Burtynsky with another image-artist, that of cinematographer/creative consultant Peter Mettler to produce a mesmerizing effect. We survive by harming the Earth.

A great educational green movie. Imagine the conversation and questions in any classroom after viewing this...

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