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Maasai Land to get energy from their livestock

by Leshan Sancha

This is a project that aims to use the available materials and resources in providing energy to hundreds of houses in the Maasai land which are not supplied with electricity.

The project aims to use the cow dung which is readily available in all Maasai households to produce energy that will be used for cooking and lighting the house.

The impact of this project is that there will be reduced cutting of trees which is at the moment very rampant because as at now almost every household in the interior Maasai community use firewood or charcoal for fuel.

Secondly, the use of kerosene will reduce and people will rely on bio gas as a source of lighting.This will in turn help the children undertake their homework assignments without problems because at the moment the family relies on a tin lamb that consumes kerosene at a very high rate which makes life very expensive.So far we have undertaken training the community on importance of bio gas energy.

For this project to become a reality in Maasai land, it requires funds and materials which include ballast,cement,pipes for the plant to be constructed.

Our approach is that ten households will use one plant.The cost of one plant is Sh.200000 which is translated to USD 2500.We are planning to have an initial project of 20 plants which adds to a total of USD 50000.
Hi Leshan,
Do you have any contact details to add to this information, so people that might help can communicate with you?

Please let us know how you go.

AlternateEnergySources.com Team

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AlternateEnergySources.com Team
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