Immediate Lower Energy Costs - It Is Easy

Costs and pricing of energy is changing throughout the world and many are looking for lower energy costs. Steep energy cost rises are going to with us over a long time. But there are also many ways to save energy, and cost.

To save money on electric bills and have lower gas bills there are short-term, medium-term and long-term fixes. This page is about the most immediate thing you can do, with fast effects on cost saving: a power supply switch.

Switching for lower energy costs can save you a great deal of money and is easy.

How To Do A Power Supply Switch

Compare electricity and gas prices here

The fastest way to achieve your goal is to see whether there is a cheaper energy supplier than the one you use now. If there is a better deal, then just switch power supply!

We have made it super-easy for you to compare electricity and gas prices. Just click on the 'US' or 'UK' link in the above box , according to the country in which you live. By just submitting some basic information and a few clicks you will see exactly what might be a better power supply to suit your budget.

Take the 'US' or 'UK' option in this box to find out how you may achieve lower energy costs straight away.

At no cost to you.

Doing this is no big deal. The only things that change are your energy price and service. The electricity, gas, the meter and everything else is untouched.

Why Are Energy Prices Rising?

The International Energy Agency is the expert on world energy supply and prices. See what they have to say.

The world population is growing fast and billions of people aspire to better economic lives. Therefore world energy demand is rising fast too.

While renewable energy options are growing, we will be relying on fossil fuels for the main part of our energy supplies for decades yet. At the same time world oil reserves, our staple energy source, are in decline. Simple: High Demand + Low Supply = High Prices!

But that’s not all there is to it.

Renewable energy sources are still more expensive than is fossil fuel. As renewable energy is increasingly part of the mix used by energy utilities they too drive up prices.

An additional factor that raises energy prices is gradual introduction of carbon pricing where high emitters of greenhouse gases will pay a tax on their emissions. This is done to reduce causes of global warming and climate change. Result: Higher energy costs. Higher electricity and gas prices to heat and cool our homes and run our businesses.

These trends are firmly in place. You cannot change them. The first step towards lower energy costs is to look for the cheapest supplier.

Then you can take next steps, such as doing an energy audit, and make your home or business as energy-efficient as possible.After that, look at your transport options. Try and live close to your work to reduce commuting time and mileage.

Live more simply and enjoy things where you are.

But they are next steps. Do yourself, and your family a favour straight off and make sure you do not pay a higher electricity bill or gas bill than you have to.

Compare gas and electricity prices to find substantial home energy savings immediately. It makes a lot of sense, at no cost to you. Lower energy costs are within your reach.

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