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Low Income Weatherization Grants

by Ken

I am researching home weatherization grants for people on low incomes, particularly for those with disabilities for my organization.

I know the Obama Stimulus Package contain money for it but what's available right now?

Your help would be appreciated.

Thanks Ken,

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has a program called Weatherization Assistance for Low-Income Persons.

Here is an exerpt from its information page:


To insulate the dwellings of low-income persons, particularly the elderly, persons with disabilities, families with children, high residential energy users, and households with a high energy burden, in order to conserve needed energy and to aid those persons least able to afford higher utility costs.

Types of Assistance

Formula Grants.

Uses and Use Restrictions

Improvement of the thermal efficiency of dwellings by the installation of weatherization materials such as attic insulation, caulking, weather-stripping, furnace efficiency modifications, certain mechanical measures to heating and cooling systems, and replacement furnaces, boilers, and air-conditioners. States may average expenditures per dwelling unit for materials, program support and labor costs not to exceed $2,500 adjusted annually for inflation. Up to 10 percent of each grant may be spent by a State and its subgrantees for administrative expenses (a State may not use more than 5 percent of the total State grant for such purposes).

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant Eligibility

States, including the District of Columbia, and in certain instances, Native American tribal organizations. In the event a State does not apply, a unit of general purpose local government, or community action agencies and/or other nonprofit agencies within that State becomes eligible to apply.

Beneficiary Eligibility

All low-income households are eligible to receive weatherization assistance. A low-income household is one whose combined income falls at or below 125 percent of the poverty level determined by the Office of Management and Budget's poverty income guidelines or the basis on which Federal, State, or local cash assistance payments have been made. A State may also elect to make all homes eligible under the HHS Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) eligible for weatherization assistance and may use either 150 percent of poverty or 60 percent of State median income.

We hope trust this helps...

All the best


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