What Local Effects Of Global Warming Do You See? Tell The World

What local effects of global warming do you see? In your life - where you live - today?

There certainly are many global effects of global warming. Trouble is,

we all too often feel overwhelmed by- and removed from them. And when we feel at a distance we often feel immune, powerless and don't act.

For example, we all know of melting Pole ice and threats of rising oceans. But many people still happily build homes with an ocean view!

We know electricity is most often generated by burning coal, which produces so much of the CO2 that causes global warming. But do we switch off that unnecessary light switch or put on a jumper?

People are built to react to things they can see and experience themselves.

Without such direct signs you and I just get overwhelmed and too often do nothing, or buy another gadget to distract us – tuning out.

So, what local effects of global warming do you experience directly, in your daily life?

  • Rising vegetable and fruit prices due to droughts and rising oil prices?
  • Certain birds and wildlife disappearing?
  • Change in the seasons?
  • No water for the garden?
  • What else?

No-one is looking at all those small daily changes that millions like you observe, everywhere. Yet, they eloquently tell what happening to the planet, right now.

Take spontaneous hayshed fires for example.

So tell us what local effects of climate change you see around you – and in so doing, make a difference to the global mindset.

Lets build a compelling picture together, using your direct experience.

And, please... Got a picture with your story? Could be a great wake-up call. Just upload it here.

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