Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities - Why My SBI Site Is My Private Secret Weapon Among Them

Erik Leipoldt - SBI owner of Alternate Energy Sources For A Flourishing Future. Legitimate work opportunities from home.

Visitors regularly ask me whether my site ranks well among legitimate work from home opportunities and to say more about how I built this website.

I am getting even more inquiries since the wheels have started to come off economies everywhere.... Dr Erik Leipoldt

Yours too?

Perhaps you are here because your job no longer feels secure? Maybe you've lost it? I'm sorry if you have. I know what that experience is like.

If you have some patience and perseverance I believe that like with my own choice among "legitimate work from home opportunities" out there, you can be a successful website business owner. Click here if you want me to show you the money right now.

You are here because you are looking for a real website business. One that works. Makes you money. One ranking in the top 1% on the web.

My Story

So, I'll share my story to save me from telling you all individually. And, in legitimate work from home opportunities there is plenty to go around for everyone.

The site you're on now, Alternate Energy For A Flourishing Future, is a successful website.

Success? What is that anyway?

So, what do you mean with "success" you ask immediately... Good question.

Too often it's counted in Ferrari's, big bucks mansions and hot girls. You might too :-]

Well, as for me, I'm already married to a "hot" woman, my LPG-fuelled car reliably gets me from A to B and our home is big enough, right by a beautiful wetland park. So, no temptations there for me.

My website is my passion. So, how about you?

What may be legitimate work from home opportunities for you might not be for me. That's fine.

Anyway... My "success" does not just mean that I earn an income from my site and that it's ranked in the top 1% of sites on the entire net for my main keyword. Nor that I get up to 2000 daily visits from people like you.

No, success for me is that I am working from home on a topic I love. I can do this when I want, part time or full time and it pays the bills. The day is not far off where it will do a lot more than pay the bills...

For me especially this SBI business makes a lot of sense, as it does to other SBI-ers, all in their own ways.

My success criteria

  • With my disability (quadriplegia) and age it is now difficult to do a 9-5 job out of my home;
  • Working from home means I save emissions by commuting between my office and my garden :-];
  • I enjoy what I do and I use my life experience positively;
  • I can be as creative as I like;
  • I have time for my family and garden;
  • I meet many interesting people from all over the world AND have a worldwide live SBI support forum of people that are happy to help each other succeed;
  • I learn everyday and feel I contribute towards a sustainable world;
  • I think that's about it but I wouldn't be surprised if I add more later.

Legitimate Work From Home  Opportunities Are About Creating A Beautiful Day For Yourself

Not bad for someone who did not know a scrap of HTML. I had never built a web site before and thought that was "IT" expert territory.

But what a minefield! So many "legitimate work from home opportunities" on offer.

I could not find one I was comfortable with at first. Usually too much hype to my liking. I wanted substance and proof.

So... What did I do about it? I decided! How to make your day beautiful

I read about SiteBuildIt! one day, a few years ago. I checked the facts, took them up on their risk-free offer and I went for it.

And that's my "secret." That's all. I had a few topics in mind. Bees, dogs and gardening were all on my list as interests.

Legitimate work from home opportunities help you to focus on your success

Perhaps, like you, I have always had a lot of ideas. in fact, so many sometimes they stopped me from carrying out any of them. Sounds familiar?

The beauty about SBI is that it teaches you how to find profitable ways of working with your topics. To zoom right in on a profitable project, and to focus on your strengths. Even though I have a PhD, only what SBI showed me, step-by-step got me where I am now.

SBI at university too

These days, SBI is actually taught in a number of universities as an online business course. There is no other business website package on the web with that kind of credibility. Legitimate work from home opportunities? SBI. In my book: "Yes, definitely."

So, global warming, alternative energy and a sustainable Earth kept coming out on top when I followed the Action Guide.

When I started few people searched for these topics. Now they're on everyone's mind... People contact me from all over the world. I assist or put them in touch with others. I really enjoy this.

Legitimate work from home opportunities? I got one.

What does SBI do?

Well, nothing by itself of course. You do it yourself, but with a very powerful set of tools to do it.

And before you read on, better hook off now if you are looking for the mythical get-rich-quick formula. SBI takes some time, but the chances of success are high.

Truly legitimate work from home opportunities are scarce on the ground but my experience with SBI has shown me what "legitimate" really means.

It means you can feel secure in the knowledge that you are working on a real business, built on your interests and passion.

It means that you are not on your own but have support at your fingertips 24/7, through a huge enthusiastic user forum; or through professional SBI help.

Some 70% of American families say they'd like to start a home business. Sadly most fail when they do and some never start. Some never even find any legitimate work from home opportunities

I bear this in mind when things seem to take a little longer than I want when working on my projects. Legitimate work from home opportunities show you how to leverage your effort and knowledge, not sell a dream that disappoints when you get to the detail.

My SBI site is really my tangible dream. My real work from home business! I'm home when my kids get home from school!

Get thousands of visitors

Without vistors - or "traffic" - you don't get anywhere.

With an SBI websitebusiness you have a 62% to make it to the top of the entire internet; 52% to the top 2% and 35% to the top 1%. Is that important? You betcha.

A higher position is more visitors, and equals more income from their purchases and advertisement clicks. If your site is ranked 10,657,983 no-one will ever read your stuff, no matter how good it may be.

The SBI secret is that it teaches you how conceptualise your site, how to build great content that people WANT to read and how to make money from those visitors. It's been doing this since 1997 and it offers proof of its success I've been doing it since 2006.

Everytime I build a page I have realistic expectations that it will end up among the top ten pages on the internet for that keyword. I do because that's what happens with the vast majority of my pages.

These are the reasons why I personally rank SBI highly among legitimate work from home opportunities.

Skills you need to build an SBI site

Focus on reading the Ten day Action Guide.

Know how to copy and paste. The Blockbuilder gets you through building pages without knowing much HTML or "uploading" data.

That's it! You can get going and learn more as you go. I still use the easy BlockBuilder myself.


And, amazingly, the SBI annual subscription cost has stayed the same for years while they keep adding all the latest tools. I don't have to wade through zillions of offers by "web marketing gurus" because SBI does that. When they find something of value, they add it themselves.

Honestly, SBI has exceeded my expectations. If there is one flaw I could find is that they keep adding so many new features regularly that I'm only using a fraction of them right now. It's hard to keep up. But then, you don't need them all.

And I'm not going to list them all here. SBI can take care of that. You can take a quick tour here to see the benefits for yourself.

If you want to check out the actual Ten Day Action Guide that I followed, you can do that here. You'll see that it's a thorough process, a LOT of stuff to go through but if you do this, step-by-step, you to will have a successful website like mine.

Some Features I Use

Well there's Content 2.0, allowing my visitors to post on my site, making it interactive. Just go here for an example page on my site, or here to get an explanation.

I have two blogs. One to publish my new web content. Another, on Wordpress, directly linked to my site with the easy SBI "Infinit" feature.

RSS "Really Simple Syndication. It's the orange button in the left margin. It gets my new content out in real time. To thousands.

These are just some examples. In fact there are any manner of things I can link to my site, directories, auction site, online shop for hard goods or e-goods ... You name it.

Legitimate Work From Opportunities - Still A Secret?

So, what's my secret? I recognised SBI as ranking very high among those legitimate business opportunities that I feel comfortable with. I rejected the Get Rich Quick merchants and applied the SBI Action Guide. Consistently.

The rest is history. And I'm pleased about that.

It's true indeed that every SBI website package includes a special Freedom Prize

Further Questions?

Of course, if you want to ask me about my site, go ahead and use the "Contact Me" button on your left.

For more questions about SBI I know that your queries will be cheerfully answered by the SBI team itself. Go here to do just that.

So if you too are looking for legitimate work from home opportunities... I hope my experience helps you choose. Here's to your success!


You can even get someone to build your site for you if you do not have the time. I makes it no less a legitimate work from home opportunity

I'll hand you over now to Dr Ken Evoy, the Brain-Behind-SBI. Legitimate work from home opportunities are his passion.


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Just in case you may want to try without SBI, but use some of its powerful methodology, here's a link to a free download for The Affiliate Masters Course. Only legitimate work from home opportunities will offer you quality books like these, useful also if you do not buy SBI.


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