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Invention help? Aren't inventions meant to help us?

Well, yes, but green energy inventors are a mixed bunch. Often seen as eccentric, they are deeply involved in their subject, and not uncommonly committed to the greater good.

But they are not necessarily good at funding the financial support they need to develop and market their ideas and projects for green energy inventions.

Looking for private funds for a 'Green' project ?

  1. You have a serious proposal, idea, or a running business in a relevant field and you require funding?

  2. Worth min $5M and have a solid business plan?

  3. Then contact us to see if we can help!
  • Additionally, we are always interested in hearing from legitimate green energy/technology business investors, funders and lenders. We receive many requests for financial assistance with a wide variety and sizes of 'green' business and help by introducing funders to business.

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    Green invention help for a sustainable world wants to help connect green inventors with business angels, invention grants and invention funding of any kind. Click here to post your invention or funding opportunity.

    Green inventions are at the cutting edge in a world crying out for free energy, zero point energy, cleantech, clean and abundant water, solar power energy, magnetic power, and so on.

    Free energy news only manages to capture a tiny fraction of new green inventions and there are many inventors who might never get their great idea to see the light of day.

    Some of the answers inventors come up with seem, well..., just too good to be true. But then, it wasn't a cakewalk for Edison to get people to believe in a light bulb, in 1879. And the things Jules Verne came up with were "impossible." Like submarines, space-flight, scuba diving and electric fencing...

    And, yes, of course, some are oddball ideas that will never work or just plain scams. Some are bound to be the gems we are waiting for. believes the world now needs different ways of doing things desperately. And we're not here to judge such ideas.

    We cannot.

    We just want to be a conduit for green invention help, bring inventors and funders, business angels and grant bodies together so the world won't miss out on the green energy inventions that it needs.

    Here inventors that have ideas that might help us live with climate change are given a forum to present and explain their ideas. Others can respond with ideas for invention help, grants, incentives, partnerships, and funds.

    It's an adventure... Lets dive in as Captain Nemo might have said!

    Oh, yeah. Go here to find some ideas for attracting support.

    Inventor And Need Help? Want To Help Green Inventors?

    If you have a great green invention - something you believe will make this world a better place - then this is your opportunity to put your idea before the eyes of those who might want to help you.

    You can put up any information here that you are comfortable in showing publicly. Upload any images too.

    Give an outline of your project like: What is its purpose, what does it do, why is this better than anything available now, and specifically, what help do you need? encourages responses from those who can help as online comments. If required we can pass on contact details you do not want to see online.

    If you want direct contact to be made be aware that you are putting your contact details in the public domain.

    Instead of putting your actual email address online we suggest you do it in this format

    So, what are you waiting for? Post your information and request and get that invention off the ground!

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    The Alternative to wood Not rated yet
    We are owners of a innovative patented technology that will address and positively impact recognized environmental issues. Our patent provides an alternative …

    SOLUCIÓN A LA ENERGÍA Not rated yet

    Esta nueva tecnología que ha sido posible desarrollar en la máquina-ehx22, pese a la bondad …

    EHX22 ELECTRICIDAD SIN MÁS Not rated yet

    Esta nueva tecnología que ha sido posible desarrollar en la máquina-ehx22, pese a la bondad …

    Real green energy  Not rated yet
    My green energy produces good clean energy for a neighborhood. Abundant power supply could be used for transportation beyond what we already call transportation. …

    solar parkng meter Not rated yet
    a solar parking meter that charges your electric car while you shop or work and all the gas cars people be walking from back parking lots

    Motionless self running electricity generator Not rated yet
    FREE Electricity

    Imagine paying just once for electricity and having it for the rest of your life! This dream is a reality! A motionless, noiseless …

    commercial algae and fish farming ocean vessals Not rated yet
    This is an idea to use ocean vessels to commercially grow algae for food and bio fuel production these same vessels can drop fish farming net enclosures …

    SOLAR CELL EFFICIENCY OF 35% Not rated yet
    Dear colleagues, we are happy to support your efforts to promote

    alternative energy in the world .

    Certainly it is important to public opinion, but …

    The Making of City Center Farms Not rated yet
    "The Making of City Center Farms and Dinner On Sunday"

    Two interdependent HD reality shows, airing on National Cable-


    prototype generates power by capture of energy in free space  Not rated yet
    I have developed a working prototype after a series of modification.

    My prototype generates power by capture of energy in free space the results are …

    Every solar module needs a control device- this electronic box does not make the electricity it just makes it work. There has been prior art by major …

    True green energy 
    Clean Energy

    I have came up with a way to power generators or turbines and transportation it can be used to make a full electric car that never needs …

    Water Well Rehabilitation Tool Not rated yet
    We have been developing a tool over the past year and have just recently put it into use in Rehabilitating Water Wells that have lost or limited production …

    Clean Renewable Energy System Idea Funds Not rated yet
    I have an idea for a clean renewable energy idea that will work. I have had the idea since 1974, but it was not always possible. It is possible now, & …

    Bouncy Ball Renewable Energy 
    Stick a big bouncy ball in a vacuum chamber. If it's in a vacuum it will never run out of energy and it will therefore keep bouncing up and down and this …

    Fuel Less Generator Invention 
    Project Synopsis

    This project is a critical component of a larger project which when fully implemented, will provide the Nation and its inhabitants …

    Solar Energy Funding/Grant/s 

    I have invented a Solar Heat Collector which will:

    - heat water (Solar water heater),buildings and swimming pools

    - generate electricity …

    roof vent generators Not rated yet
    See those silver things turning on peoples roofs in your neighborhood. Now imagine 3 on your roof with small generators, generating enough power to lower …

    solar panels for hybrid cars Not rated yet
    Charge your car while you are at work; don’t plug it in increasing your power bill. HB3 Solutions is looking for funding to produce a magnetic flexible …

    New "The Refrigerotor Box" Invention Saves Air Conditioning Energy,and Helps Clean Air Not rated yet

    My name is David P. Ferrero, and I'm the inventor of a potential, multimillion dollar invention, "The Refrigerotor Box". It is an air-conditioning …

    Invention to provide hho electrolysis at 100 % efficiency Not rated yet
    Im not going to say a lot on here! but I can generate hydrogen at 100% + efficiency. Help needed for final protoype.

    Cell NO :0091- 9842139959 –

    E-mail Id

    Emai –


    Respected …

    Air heat with solar energy, a new approach in electricity generation Not rated yet
    At present, both efficiency and output of solar thermal power plants are quite low and it's a big reason behind the high cost of kWh electricity produced …

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    G.K.O. Ratha Krishnan, Machinist, >

    18, Renganatha Puram,

    Srivilliputtur – 626 125,

    Virudhunagar Dist,

    Tamil Nadu,


    Ph: 914563 – 262893

    Cell …

    Geothermal Heat transfer system from septic tank Not rated yet
    Thermal Heat transfer system

    by David Cleland

    This Geothermal unit consists of an (Insulated Septic Tank) with an embedded condenser coil within the …

    Solar thermal renewable energy collection, storage and conversion system. 
    I have a patent pending on a solar thermal concentrator collection panel which is part of a collection, storage and conversion system that is supplemented …

    Preventing Toxic Material from Contaminating Ground Water Not rated yet
    Many years ago, I came up with a way to prevent toxic waste from leaking into ground water that also has many other associated benefits. Development of …

    24 / 7 Power Generating System  Not rated yet
    Primary theory of the Power Generating System (patent pending) is by harnessing sun, wind and temperature differential within a building or within an enclosed …

    Solid State OverUnity Electromagnetic Generator 
    Please, find a new type of OverUnity device, based on conjugated mirror principle, Sweet's experiments and String Theory.

    Economical Urban Wind Turbine  Not rated yet
    The new wind turbine named Economical Urban Wind Turbine, EUWT, overcomes all the inherent disadvantages for current wind turbines all over the world. …

    solar light for children in non electrofied / poor school going children Not rated yet
    Thank you for the chance to say my idea from Bangladesh, which is the poorest and most affected country by climate change in the world.

    In Bangladesh …

    Energy conversions, etc. Not rated yet
    Dear Sir;

    I am in unorthodox energy conversion and exotic propulsion for half Century and have undreamed-of technologies to offer. I am not looking for …

    Environmentally Friendly Wood Substitute--The Better Alternative 

    A patented Invention that has taken many years to develop,uses Rice Hull and waste plastics to create its revolutionary product range. Rice Hull is generally …

    Buoyancy Break thru, Pulution Free, and Abundant 
    The machine (not yet named)unlocks the mystery that has enticed thousands of inventor, "How to get free energy from buoyancy." It took three separate inventions …

    THERMO - Liquid fuel powerfull yet GREEN Not rated yet
    THERMO -Liquid fuel is designed for every kind of engine = from motor vehicle engine,aircraft engine to national grid power stations etc.


    green energy on a silver plate Not rated yet
    Dear Sir / Madam;

    I would like to offer an array of green energy items, a few indirectly connected. I believe they are original, but no patent search …

    Maasai Land to get energy from their livestock Not rated yet
    This is a project that aims to use the available materials and resources in providing energy to hundreds of houses in the Maasai land which are not supplied …

    Factory Built Roads Not rated yet
    What if roads could be made stronger and cheaper, and best of all, the ground underneath never froze? That could eliminate seasonal restrictions on roads …

    The following documents provide information regarding my invention, the Solar Vortex Generator. It reveals how the invention came to be, its purpose, …

    Conserving Water, One flush at a time Not rated yet
    Bath/Shower water reservoir that will be used to fill the toilet tank to flush. and if you don't flush often enough and the reservoir fills, could be …


    The formation of groups of units and an alternator provides Power plants of dimensions …

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