Inquiry about Hybrid Electric-Fuel Conversion

by Hossein
(Tehran, Iran)

Dear Sir,

Approaching your esteemed entity via internet and it is our pleasure to write you.

Due to high level of air pollution in Iranian cities and especially in Tehran with the harmful gases such as Co & Co2, etc… and also because of the gradual rise in the prices of petrol and gasoline fuels in Iran, the Iranian car owners are pondering about converting their current vehicles into hybrid cars such as gasoline or petrol-electric hybrid vehicles!

Therefore, our company, Parsian Civilization Development Co, (PCDC) is attempting to fulfill the performance of this nationwide project widely in Iran.

Our company (PCDC) is a leading company with a long-term experience of more than 13 years and has activities in designing, developing, distributing and consulting in software, telecom, broadcasting and security systems etc…

We seriously plan to convert our own current cars in Iran (ICE, Internal Combustion Engines) into hybrid cars which will operate with electricity as well while still working with fuel too! As mentioned, the main reason is fuel consumption economy!
Therefore, we have to ponder to convert our current cars into hybrid electric cars which could operate with both fuels and electricity and our company Parsian Civilization Development Co, is determined to fulfill the performance of this nationwide project in Iran!

Anyway, according to our above prelude, we are seeking to find the relevant technology for such conversion and we hope to find the same technology as conversion kit.

Please be noted that at the time being and as our commencement, we are at the R&D (Research & Development) step and therefore, we are researching to learn about changing the motors of our fuel cars into hybrid (fuel & electricity motors).

In this concern, we shall be very grateful, if you’d kindly provide us with more detailed information about converting a fuel based engine into electric engine to help us with our research as business cooperation.

Then, in our second step, regarding doing the business, if we agree on the conditions, we will seek for the best alternative solution for doing business with you, e.g., there are some ways to perform the business through your representatives either in Europe or any other place in the world!

We are seriously willing to fulfill this desire as a national project in Iran considering the increasing demand of Iranian car owners to find ways of economizing in consumption of fossil fuel. So, hopefully this project will be definitely welcomed in Iran rapidly.

We wait for your appropriate feedback and hope you could help us in this inquiry.

Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.
Wishing all the best for a mutual growth

Thanks & best regards,
Manager of International Affairs,
Parsian Civilization Development Co, Iran.
Tel: +9821-22858032
Fax: +9821-22856547
Skype: Parsian23

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