In need of a grant

by Nicholas Poe
(Weirsdale, Florida, Marion County)

I am wanting to start up a company. This company is going to help many people. Create jobs and do good in the world. God is great and we have forgotten what he has taught us. To put others before ourselves. If you know of any grants please e-mail me at This is my feelings why not help for the greater good and create jobs for this country. II have a degree in engineering with a concentration in green energies this is a win win situation and will create many jobs for people with families who have been laid off because of greedy corporations. Have you forgotten everything your parents taught you? To do good in this world? This country has hit rock bottom but the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Obama is trying to tax the rich because our country is in such debt and there are people living on the streets and out of their car when they have a family! Please out of the sincerity of your heart, lets begin helping people and turn this country back to where it use to be. It will not take much to get this company up and running. If interested please respond to this ad at your earliest convenience. Thank you and God bless!

Regards, Team
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