I Can No Longer Afford To Pay DTE For Gas useage; I Need Help To Convert To Solar Energy

by Lori Gibson
(Lincoln Park, MI)

For the past two years I have not turned on my furnace, what is so unbelievable is that I live in the State of Michigan. The cost to heat my home if I turn on my furnace possible would cost me @ five to six hundred dollars per month during the peak winter months. The funny thing about DTE, our energy company is that I believe they charge people what they want for both gas and electricity. DTE charged me about 200.00 per month during the winter and now during the warm months my bills are half the amount. I need a way to live with a new energy source because I feel that I am a slave to the carbon/fossil energy companies.

I keep hearing that the federal and state and local governments have grant money to assist American citizen to convert their homes to solar and or wind energy for free. I need to know how to access those funds. I am even willing to allow solar/wind energy company to showcase my home if they are willing to convert it. With the economy the way it is I can not afford to do upgrades to my home because I do not have any extra money.

I know the need for the human race to stop consuming/depleting our world of it's natural resources, as well as my need to reduce my usage and spending. If the governnment, business or philantropist have any resources to assist me in to converting my home I ask them to step forward.
Hi Lori,

We sympathise with your situation. Here are a few options you can try:
DTE Energy offers incentives to electric customers such as you seem to be through the Solar Currents program. It installs photovoltaic systems with a capacity of 1 kilowatt (kW) to 20 kW. There is an up-front rebate of $2.40 per DC watt and a production incentive of $0.11 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the renewable energy credits (RECs) produced by the system over a 20-year period.

The Michigan - Residential Energy-Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (Heating and Water Heating) is offering rebates for the purchase of certain energy-efficient appliances by its residents. Eligible appliances include furnaces, propane water heaters and solar water heaters. Rebate amounts range from $300 for propane water heaters, to $500 for qualifying furnaces, and to 25% of the system cost up to $2,500 for solar water heaters.

Energy-Efficient Mortgages is a US federal loan Program. Homeowners can secure energy efficient mortgages (EEM) and finance various energy efficiency measures, including solar energy technologies, in a new or existing home.

The Consumers Energy - Commercial Energy Efficiency Program provides incentives for customers who upgrade their facilities with energy efficient equipment.

Please let us know how you go.


AlternateEnergySources.com Team

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