How to stop pollution quickly

by Steve Carew
(Ontario Canada)

I have an invention that will impact on global warming as quickly or as slowly as desired.

Many many people have made the claim that they have invented a unit that will create free energy.

Do I believe this to be true? Yes.

Do I believe these units will ever come to market? No.

Do governments really want to solve this problem? Here in North America I believe they would like to if all big businesses can still make the same money as they do now and only if they are in control.

Remember all politicians use a lot of talk (talk is the cheapest thing in the world). They seem to believe what they say at the time they say it but that does not mean they believe it ten minutes later.

Is nuclear energy the answer? Most definitely not. Although it does create great amounts of energy the residual pollution will come back to haunt us in ways that we cannot even dream of.

It is a good stop gap but that is all. It is human nature to always want more not less and for this reason conservation in this area is a real problem.

When the world comes to a state where it is too late then big business will not matter any more or when someone like me amasses enough financial backing to challenge the status quo then this planet can move ahead and until then too much money will be made hedging around the problem without actually solving it.

Steve Carew

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