How To Start My Energy Efficient House?

by Jon Pingel
(Schleswig Iowa)

I would like sites or info on what's available and what's affordable in the solar /wind power for my home. If you could point me in the right direction I would be grateful.

Hi Jon,

A small investment now might save you time and big dollars later.

You can do this by going to your library or just download some practical, first-hand knowledge for a few dollars. I'm not sure about any sites that give you reliable information that you need for free.

To cut to the chase here's a very decent guide on DIY solar and wind power for your home, written by "off-grid-living" people with many years of hands-on experience. You might like to buy The Renewable Energy Solutions Guide and see where it takes you. It's full of further resources for you to explore if you need to. Besides great practical content to point you in the right direction the authors offer unlimited email access with them so you can follow up with any questions. Almost unheard of in my experience! For less than $20...

Or get Michael's more expensive book, which includes a way to obtain free storage batteries for the energy you create with your solar panel or wind turbine.

Let's know how you go. Good luck.


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