Grid Free Sustainable green houses, medical clinics, schools

by Dr. Vorster
(South Africa)

Integrated Water technology

Integrated Water technology

Integrated Water technology Grid Free house model Grid Free home structure Grid free home complete

We developed over the last 7-years three main technologies, namely, Integrated water technology, Renewable energy technology (technology on storage, i.e. extending battery life by more than 10-years) and Aerated cement technology which technologies are combined to enable us to build grid free (no grid connection of water supply, sewerage, power) houses that qualify for CO2 credits under the World bank ADM program. House, school, clinic etc. Effectively lives by itself, is much more cost effective than conventional building methods, has SABS and Agrement International certifications.

The other very important component to our grid free units are the speed that we can build, where up to 400 units can be easily constructed in a month as we use a fully mobile plant that is placed on site, uses natural elements available on site and or waste products of mines in our construction process.

Our Integrated water system cleans black and grey water originally harvested from rain and borehole water, stored in tanks with the sewerage water treatment RO system effectively producing a organic fertilizer for planting.

We are actively involved in Africa and are looking for grant funds to further develop our existing model and also contract work to build more of these units.

Please contact us at +27 81 3167439 or email us at and feel free to visit us at

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