Green Power For Your Home And Transport - Here's How

Green power for your home and car is an important way to reduce impacts of global warming.

Green Power - Here's How

Book Launch - Home Based Generation of DC Electricity

On 30th October 2007 Winter Green Research is launching its new publication "After Florida and the Netherlands Are Under Water It’s Toooooo Late"-Home Based Generation of DC Electricity .

Being Dutch-born, I appreciate the urgency reflected in its title. The impacts of global warming are here to stay. Green power is not optional and global warming research such as that by Winter Green Research is essential to a healthy Planet Earth.

What's In The Book?

This book provides an example of a home system that has been running for eight years, paid for itself in five years, and provides DC current from a battery charged by a solar cell.

It describes the solar panels, micro wind generators, thin film batteries, LED lights, and hybrid vehicles that can be utilized in a home energy system that is efficient and affordable.

This home energy book details how locally generated electricity pays for itself within five years and immediately helps to avoid global warming.

Domestic green power short circuits the slowly moving political decision makers and has you in control.

Online Analysis Tool

WinterGreen Research's online Return on Investment (ROI) analysis tool, included in the cost of the book, allows the personalization of energy inputs for every situation, enabling users to enter different electric bills, and different amounts of micro generator investment in different time frames to seehow a particular situation will work out.

The thesis of the book is that ordinary people can worktogether achieve quality energy policy by utilizing a battery with DC current system within their homes.

Ordinary people can now take control of their own energy needs. "Local DC energy initially can be used to power hybrid car batteries, small appliances, electronics, and LED lights," according Dr. Susie Eustis, a nanotechnology specialist and co-author.

Where Can I Get A Copy?

The book is available in either print or pdf format. The cost of the book is $48 for single copy print or pdf. PDF format copies are $395 for a school web site or library posting.

Schools and libraries are permitted to print and distribute copies and charge for those copies to members of the school or library. Thus, printed and electronic copies can be generated by the person that pays for a multiple copy license for the book and used by anyone connected with the school,organization, or library. Once the license has been paid, no further money needs to be paid to the publisher even if the organization charges to distribute copies of the book.

Wintergreen Research is an independent research organization funded by the sale of market research studies all over the world and by the implementation of ROI models that are used to calculate the total cost of ownership of equipment, services, and software.

Ready to apply green power?

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