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green energy on a silver plate

by Oldrich Nos
(Binangonan, Philippines)

Dear Sir / Madam;
I would like to offer an array of green energy items, a few indirectly connected. I believe they are original, but no patent search was made. These are results of over half Century work. If anyone responds, it will be good; if not, it is equally good. I will take the technologies to my grave. I am 76 year old, so hurry.
Green energy, variations.
*Savonius rotor, unorthodox, active through nearly 360 degrees, stable power, uses aerodynamic lift, not drag.
*Savonius derivation, same advantages, remotely or axially accessible
* Superior wind collection and delivery technology. Also for highrises, blends with architecture, almost invisible, leaves tops of buildings free for recreational or commercial activity, heliports.
* Turbine, unorthodox, with nearly double efficiency, suitable for wind,water, gas, steam.

Marine propulsion, variations
*Universal flexible elevated sail, self-controlling, multi-surface. In down wind it works on the principle of aerodynamic lift, not to be compared to a spinnaker.
* Rigid universal multi-surface sail-wing fully retractable into hull.
* Unorthodox marine vehicle/vessel, very high speed, minimal consumption of energy, no appreciable draft and wake, amphibious, no propeller, new exotic propulsion, hybrid-compatible. Not aerated or planing hull, underwater wings, hovercraft,WIG.
*Decelerators, various designs, usable as downwind sails, programmable, for personal safety, airborne troops, aircraft or gondola recovery.

Ocean wave power conversion
based on OWC, much improved, no moving and sensitive parts on board, mobile, no adaptations to seashore or bed.

Supersonic jet propulsion
PDWE of new design, valveless, many variations. Extremely simple, disposable. Energy efficient

Mitigation of large magnitude earthquakes.
For newly erected edifices, dampens vibrations on all directions, compensates automatically for disturbances in foundations caused by uneven liquefaction of the ground

Method of art therapy - beside and above the conventional.

For those with different ambitions, based on rigorous drawing exercises.
Approach, origins, philosophy, goals. Can be somehow compared to Buddha's answer to His disciples enquiring about afterlife, " Never mind, I am teaching you how to live properly".
Dear Oldrich,
Can you give contact details with your submission so people can contact you?

Please let us know how you go.

Disclaimer: this information is correct at date of publishing. No responsibility is taken for changes that may occur after the publication date.


AlternateEnergySources.com Team

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AlternateEnergySources.com Team
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