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Green ecards may do the same as the real thing... The "real thing" being interaction with nature. Scientific studies have shown that going for a stroll in the park or countryside can boost your memory and concentration levels.

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Or go to this page's Green Ecards now... And why do you think gardening is loved by countless millions the world over? Why do we go to the trouble of keeping house plants? Because it aids our wellbeing. These pursuits bring a part of us "back to nature", the environment from which we evolved and without which we cannot live. Dealing with global warming doesn't just require the clever technology of alternate energy sources. First, it requires a change in thinking, in appreciation of our beautiful Earth and of its limits.

Of course no-one will change the world by sending green free ecards but the same study that found the benefits of interacting with nature were also present when looking at pictures of nature. By contrast, looking at photos of built-up areas conveyed no such benefits.

There you are! Now you understand something about links between green e-cards, alternative energy, living with global warming and your own, personal energy.Choose one of the free ecards below and send it to someone who needs a pick-me-up, a moment of relaxation or reflection.These green ecards were developed from photos made around Australia, the beautiful, vast country I live in.


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All ecard images are copyright Alternate Energy These ecards are developed from photos made by Anne-Marie Leipoldt en Frank Perquin, around Australia. The "black" photo of the Celestial Smile was made by Sophie Leipoldt on 19th December in Perth, Western Australia. It shows a rare configuration of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus.

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