Go Nuclear Now

by Maree T
(Sydney, Australia)

I think we should go for nuclear energy as something that can help us now with global warming.

Here in Australia the Labor Party and Green Party rejects nuclear power outright in favour of renewables such as wind, solar etc. Others are for nuclear as the quickest, greenest solution to global warming and our energy needs.

Nuclear energy is not as risky as it is often painted. The unfortunate Chernobyl accident was an aberration, caused by outdated and badly maintained equipment. With modern nuclear power plants accidents are much less likely.

In the US nuclear power accounts for 20% of all energy needs and all they've had is the Three Mile Island scare. In France that is 75%! 16% of world energy is now produced by nuclear plants. So far we have not seen any major accidents have we?

The planet is in dire straits and we cannot wait for solar, wind and geo options to start delivering. Nuclear plants have been around for decades and we know how to run them safely. Lets not hang on to irrational fears and start fighting global warming with a big gun now: nuclear energy. Even James Lovelock, a renowned scientist and environmentalist, agrees.

If we love the planet we should go nuclear.

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