Global warming

by Daniel
(Thornhill Ontario Canada)

In stead of using emission-rich fossil fuel (Ed) for car fuel, we can substitute GAS for ELECTRICITY. There are methods to make completely electric cars, so why not use that? To stop global warming we need to stop ALL emissions.


Nuclear energy is a large scale energy source. Like coal plants it produces electricity but no greenhouse gas emissions. If you are saying that nuclear energy is emission-free and electric cars are too, using a source like that, you have a point. Some people now do their own electric car conversion with electric car conversion kits.

So, yes, if you would dismiss all objections to nuclear power, such as long lead-in time to build nuclear plants, radiation storage concerns, etc, it may be a way forward. James Lovelock would agree with you. But what about solar thermal, or wind as the energy generators? They're getting more cost-effective!


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