Know The Facts About Hybrid Cars – How To Choose The Hybrid Car That Suits You Best In Six Easy Steps

You cannot do without the facts about hybrid cars in order to know how to choose the best. But these hybrid facts change rapidly. So many hybrids, so many choices. Here's a framework to help you through the maze...

What about 2007 hybrid cars or 2008 hybrid cars, and how do hybrid cars work?

All relevant knowledge for you before you look for hybrid cars for sale on ebay perhaps and at your dealer.


You can buy an affordable hybrid by buying through a car auction. We found a 2007 Toyota Prius, sold for under $6000!

So, we have just gone through part of Step One only. Please go back there now if you've just landed here without starting at the beginning. So, more facts about hybrid cars for you to consider...

Here we go...

After having gone through part of Step one then ask...

What are my options?

Given my answers to the above do I need:

  • a sedan, a station wagon, SUV or a people mover?
  • 4 or 6 cylinders?
  • ABS brakes? Traction and stability control?
  • Anything else arising from your private brainstorm about the facts about hybrid cars so far?

Don't forget to write it all down.

Step Two – Choose Your Type Of Vehicle

  • Is it perhaps a petrol- or diesel-driven SUV?
  • An LPG-powered vehicle?
  • A bicycle or electric scooter?
  • Or a hybrid or electric car?
  • Think it is a hybrid? Then go to Step Three.

You can see that you need to put in a little elbow grease as you go through this framework don't you? The facts about hybrid cars and your choices still depend on the quality of your local enquiries as suited to your circumstances.

Aahhh, there are just no easy answers. Sorry! But when you know what questions to ask you're more than half way there.

Still with me? Good. Let's move on...

Step Three – Make Sure You Know What A Hybrid Vehicle Is!

How do hybrid cars work ? You need to know the facts about hybrid cars.

A friend of mine once thought that she would not get a hybrid because you needed to use the breaks all the time to keep it going! A myth you don't hear often. But just for those who think there's something in that: Yes, a hybrid car battery charges up with the kinetic energy generated by braking. No, you don't need to keep the brakes on to keep driving! The normal amount of braking is more than enough. So, now all three of you are assured. The lesson? Know the facts about hybrid cars before making a judgment.

In essence a hybrid vehicle is this:

  • It uses a combination of two different fuels, usually involving: a petrol-, or gasoline-driven, internal combustion enginean electric motor, and a battery, powering the electric motor and storing energy for future use.
  • They are highly fuel-efficient and have very low emissions
  • Hybrids are at the top of the fuel-efficiency ladder for two-seaters, compact cars and mid size cars
  • They are very quiet to run when driving on the batteries, which is what they do mostly
  • Their emissions are very low, hence they are eco-friendly.
  • They may attract tax credits, reducing your purchase cost
  • Good resale value
  • Hybrids are here to stay for some time

Need more facts about hybrid cars?...Then go here

Step Four – Hybrid Or Electric Car?

Tossing up hybrid and electric cars? OK, I know in some places this is not a relevant inquiry yet because you cannot buy an electric car there, like you cannot in Australia. But it's coming! Just skip this step if not relevant to you.

The Tesla roadster has re-focussed attention on electric cars. And just for the fetishists see a Tesla Roadster video on this page.

You can plug electric cars into your regular home power plug and re-charge them. No need for gasoline at all. So, are they superior to hybrid cars? Not really. Not yet anyway!

But if you live in the city and you don't cover much distance? Well, yes. It may be right for you.

However, think of these facts about electric cars:

  • The electric car's batteries need re-charging about every 80-160km. The hybrid car recharges while driving.
  • The electric car's speed is usually limited to under 100km per hour. A hybrid drives as fast as any car.
  • The hybrid car is a transitional vehicle towards even more fuel-efficient and clean cars. With advances in better battery storage capacity the electric car may be next on the horizon. Or the hydrogen car.

Anyway, YOUR reality is now.

Still determined on a hybrid car? Getting through it?

Remember, doing this will pay of, in your wallet, your comfort and the environment.

Two More Steps. You're almost there. Continued...>>>