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Environmentally Friendly Wood Substitute--The Better Alternative

by Angelo Davani
(Raleigh, NC, United States)

A patented Invention that has taken many years to develop,uses Rice Hull and waste plastics to create its revolutionary product range. Rice Hull is generally incinerated or disposed of in landfill sites; . Our product will reduce that and make use of this through our invention;

The company has developed a patented process for changing husk into hundreds of different Materials for use in such industries as Home Construction, Furniture, Automotive and Marine.

Our product offers unique competitive advantages over standard wood in that we’ve achieved the foregoing water, fire and pest resistance properties while providing outstanding strength (more durable than wood) and surface finish.
Our invention not only proves to be more durable, fire resistant, water resistant, and termite proof, but it takes waste materials normally discarded in environmentally counter-productive ways and creates a green product that can be utilized in green buildings as well.

The overall objective is to create and deliver our products through a commercial manufacturing venture and market our product portfolio to the global markets through ventures with housing and furniture construction companies, hardware stores and working with governments. We aim to achieve this through creating new ventures, attracting third party investment and create sustainable profits or dividends that can be re-invested to meet our overall objectives.

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