Average 30% Energy Saving Is Possible - At Home And The Workplace

Energy saving is a must-do in coping with the inevitability of steeply rising energy costs in our carbon-constrained world.

Fossil fuels are not 'cheap' any longer and oil is running out. Alternative energy sources are expensive and industrial CO2 emission charges will bite. The result? Rising residential power costs.

therefore has become a preferred first-line defense against these costs.

Electricity rates in some US states rose by some 58% in 2006-2007. With rate caps off on many electrical generators in 2010 energy bills are estimated to rise 20-60%, in various areas.

The UK? A 15% rise from August 2008. Home energy cost is feared to reach £2,000 per year according to British energy regulator Ofgem.

Set to double in Australia. It's the same story everywhere.

Any points of light? Well yes!

The Europeans are planning for a FALL of 30% in energy cost by 2050. How? Through increased energy efficiency, moving away from oil and gas to generate electricity in favor of renewables and lower exposure of greener industries to carbon prices. This example provides you with a clear path of energy saving action.

Home- or business owner?

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Start with an energy audit immediately. Pick out that low-hanging fruit of energy saving measures. Starting a new business? The times are right for doing very well in energy auditing.

Energy audits are energy saving exercises, and the first line of defense in the European strategy. Increasingly State and municipal schemes allow for part or entire rebate on the costs of an audit. After all, it's the cheapest way to achieve big cuts in greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs.

Energy saving in many ways

You could run your home or business energy costs down to very little if you implemented most of these steps:

  • Get an done and act on its recommendations
  • Get an energy monitor to see how much energy you use
  • Replace your regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones
  • Turn off appliances and lights when you don't need them
  • Buy Energy Star-rated appliances or replace
  • Install a programmable thermostat and turn it down a degree or so
  • Put weather strips at doors and windows
  • Install ceiling insulation and roof vents (I don't need airconditioning, having done this)
  • Plant trees to block the summer sun and let in winter sun
  • Walk or cycle if you do not need to drive
  • Installl wind or solar power
  • Install solar hot water
  • Buy green power

So, you see, there is a lot that anyone can do to make a difference to their energy use. Energy saving can be easy. Together with looking at wind or solar power, such actions can help you cut your bill to shreds.

When you know that the average American family spends more than $1600 per year on home energy, that can addd up. And renewable energy will not necessarily be cheaper than the "cheap" fossil fuels. Well, having said that, they are cheaper if you count the true costs of greenhouse gas impacts, and air and water pollution.

So, there it is, it's adapt or perish. Global rising energy demand, contracting fossil fuel availability, plus high cost of renewables call for action. And here is the good news: we can act.

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will save energy and money, and its good for our Big 'Ol Home, planet Earth – at a one-off cost: set and forget. You can almost certainly afford energy saving at its low price. But can you afford not to?

But... Look, that's not the only way of course. If you've read other pages on my site you will know that I'm not a supporter of fighting effects of global warming through gadgetry – technology – alone.

The real change must be in our thinking about our dependence on good, supportive relationships with others and our environment. So, most of all, just plug in a caring attitude and you'll find there are so many things that you can do that make a real difference.

So, think about it: true energy saving is all about cultivating good habits.

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