Energy Efficiency - Anyone Can Do It

Energy efficiency is the first line of defense in our warming world. Just by being better at using energy well, we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions dramatically, reduce pollution, and live happier lives.

C'mon, you say, "happier lives" too? Well, just let me get back to that.

So, what is it?

Simply efficiency of energy is about using less energy to get the same outcomes. Say, you use a certain amount of gas and electricity now to run the gadgets in your house and keep it cool or warm.

Energy efficiency lets you relax!

With energy audits you find out which appliances suck too much energy – and money out of your wallet. You find the drafts, examine alternative energy, like solar or wind.

With all that you could end up saving 30-70% of your energy bill. Just plugging your energy leaks in your current situation saves you 30% on average. Not bad energy efficiency dividends!

For example, here's How to turn $4,500 in Energy Efficiency savings into over $30,000 in profits.


Now saving money by saving energy is one thing and if you need that money you'll feel better.

Doing your bit in reducing greenhouse gas emissions is another. But global warming is generally too far removed from anyone's daily reality to make you feel better.

What will make you happier is when you look at energy in a broader sense. We can live life fast and rapidly use up that finite amount of life energy we all have – none knows how much each has – or take it slower.

Pay more attention to what we do, how we are with others and notice our environments.

Hey, that's using energy differently. Using energy efficiently then is not just a cold, clinical concept for engineers, or energy auditors.

Energy audits are about taking stock. The best results for your life and that of others living on the planet from taking stock in the famous three areas: social, environmental, economical. The so-called triple bottom line.

Why? Because they're intimately connected. You are unlikely to be a generous, helpful person without also taking care about the environment. Whereas you might be a terrible money manager!

When we see people and the environment only in terms of what they're worth in money, we are more likely to lead qualitatively impoverished lives.

It's a choice but we seem to be getting to a point now where we are forced to see that we're all in this together. Climate change will affect us all.

Do you see then how any 'slow' acts of taking notice, lead to taking care, and can ripple outwards? Whether you start with a friendly word for your old neighbor down the street, or volunteer in a local environment- or social helping group, it is all about a certain personal energy efficiency that can get us through.

And that helps towards happier lives.

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