Energy Auditor Training - Some Choices To Make

A good energy auditor training course will get you knowledge and qualifications that will see you tap into a very large, and growing, green market – that of saving energy.

You might already know why this is such an interesting market, as you made your way to this site! But, before we look at energy audit training itself, lets just quickly recap:

  • Energy is getting much more expensive, very rapidly
  • High energy demand and limited (fossil fuel) resources means higher prices
  • Renewable energy is not cheap as an alternative
  • An imminent emission trading market will add to energy cost
  • People are desperate from cost relief and energy auditors can help
  • Economic stimulus policies mean many customers get a free or subsidised audit
  • Energy saving is a valued and integral part of modern economies

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OK, so we all know why we are looking at energy auditor training as a serious job, career or business opportunity. Plus, you could easily do this from home.

Hold on to that! Motivation is always important for success.

Different types of energy auditing

You could divide energy efficiency assessments into those requiring tools and equipment that will identify close to 100% of all energy losses, or a much simpler and cheaper method which still identifies 80% of them – good enough for most purposes.

In the US, RESNET and BPI-accredited courses are of the first type. Energy auditing is only one of the various things they teach. BPI and RESNET qualifications are well respected.

Training organisations such as Denby Energy and the Energy Audit Institute are of the second type. They are exclusively focused on energy auditing.

Denby Energy auditor training carries approval as a US Green Building Council (USGBC) Education Provider, is an Energy Star partner and Better Business Bureau accredited business.

So within both type 1 and type 2 courses respected qualifications are available.

Within energy efficiency training courses you will then often see distinct courses for homes or for commercial purposes.

You are the only one who can assess which type of course and qualifications you need.

Cost Of Training

Courses of the first type are usually more expensive than those of the second type. For example, currently a RESNET course requires a $500 up-front application fee, plus annual accreditation fee of $1,000, before course costs. Equipment used in these types of assessments involve blower doors and infrared camera equipment which are expensive tools.

Course costs of the second type vary according to whether you take a basic home auditing course, combine it with a commercial audit course or go for a complete business training package. It's best to look for yourself, such as here, which also gives you financing options if required.


If unemployed and collecting unemployment insurance you may be eligible for a local individual worker training grant program which may pay for your course cost. If this fits your circumstances, you must register first before you enroll in any course. Find your local employment service office here and contact them.

Next, register with your local Workforce Career Center and meet with your counselor. Take any wanted job ads to your appointment to show demand for course graduates and the details of the course you are interested in.

When approved, then contact your course provider and enroll...

Convenience Of Energy Auditor Training Mode

Much training is conducted in live face-to-face training. You will need to book for available time slots and may have to travel and stay in another location. If you're OK with that, you do get the benefit of human interaction and joint learning with other students.

The other option is online training. This is significantly cheaper, in course cost, and in avoiding all the costs associated with travel and, possibly, accommodation for live training.

Flexibility is another advantage of online training. You do your study when you want, and at a pace you set. Any good course will include training support, so you are not sitting at home, entirely by yourself.

Green Jobs Guide
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Here are some links for you to use in your research towards energy auditor training that suits you:

We wish you every success!

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