Energize Your Savings!

by Earl Senchuk
(Marquette, MI USA)

I live in Marquette, MI where we can get up to 200-400 inches of snow. Needless to say, it gets expensive to live here in winter. To compound the problem, my home was built in 1886. Air leak city! But, I found two ways to dramatically lower cost, Shrink Film and Seasonal Seam Sealant.

My heat bills indicate usage from one year to the next for the same month. Since I keep records going back a number of years, it was easy to track my savings, an amazing 23%, for only a $15 investment. It can literally save hundreds of dollars over the course of a winter.

Shrink Film is made by WJ Dennis Company. Season Seal? Removable Weather Stripping Sealant is made by Krylon Products Group.

Shrink Film comes with a double-sided sticky tape that you apply around the window perimeter. There is enough film and tape to cover ten average windows depending on the package you buy. What you do is cut the sheet to fit, and stick it to the tape so that the entire window is covered. A hair dryer on high provides enough heat to cause the film to shrink. You can see it happen. Eventually, it becomes crystal clear. It?s like adding a third layer of window between you and the outside. On windy days, you can sometimes see it bulge a little. You just know that you are saving a lot of money.

Seasonal seam sealant is applied with a caulking gun around the outside perimeter of your storm windows, the first line of defense against cold winds. Since it doesn't get hard, it can be peeled out like one big long booger in the spring. Sorry for that analogy.

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