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Sep 10, 2010
Window wrap and bubbles!
by: Judy M Johnson

This is one great way to save heat $$ in our cold winters up here in the U.P. I use plastic on the window frames every year, but added another component:
Last winter I put big (1.5" size bubbles) bubble wrap sheets in all our windows and saved a lot...over 25% less than prev. year. I bought a big fat roll, 200 ft long, 4 ft wide from a packaging supply company. We have 12 south facing 6' x 4' windows, and other smaller ones in our 4200 sq ft house so there are lots of places to lose heat with those old windows. In my office which is the coldest and hottest-in-summer room in the house, I lined the walls for about 12 feet in the coldest corner. I didn't have to run a small heater to keep my feet warm last winter. And it helped keep me cooler this summer..not so many days to run the room air conditioner.

Sep 08, 2010
Comment reply
by: Earl Senchuk

Hi, in regard to your comment and query. WJ Dennis Company (www.WJDennis-rcr.com) also has a new product called Sun Control Film that is reputed to reflect 55% of the sun's rays while cutting 99% of UV penetration. Hope this helps you to use less energy. Earl

Sep 08, 2010
Is the film heat resistant?
by: Anonymous

Hi Earl,
Sounds like the shrink film and caulk for windows works well in Marquette, where the weather get's really cold in winter. How about Hot, Hot Las Vegas, NV.? Triple digit weather for two months. The thing we want to do here, is to cut the sun rays and heat that penetrates through the windows. The last couple of years, I have used quilted roll foil insulation, that keeps out both heat and sun. It's easily cut, and fits snug into the perimeter of the windows. I leave one small window open in the kitchen and bedroom for light. The rooms I am not using, I block off entirely. My energy bill has gone from $300.00 last year,peak season, to $150.00 this year. Some people use tinted film, which works to cut the sun rays, but not the heat. So, do you think the kind of shrink film you use would work in out climate? Do you have any other suggestions?

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