The Electric Scooter - A Fun Way To Save Energy And The Environment

The electric scooter is rising rapidly as a small one-person vehicle. It’s clean, green and cheap to buy and run.

Of course an ordinary bicycle is the cleanest and greenest of all.

But if you want something that requires a little less effort to get around on, look no further than this little beauty.

It’s a great vehicle.

It's clean and green

There are no emissions so you’re doing your bit to reduce smog and global warming. And the batteries that make the scooter run are 100% recyclable. They often last several years.

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Of course the production process of vehicle frame and batteries does involve greenhouse gases so it’s not 100% emission-free from that point of view. But there are other, renewable, ways of dealing with industrial emissions. No fumes, no smoke, no gas. You stay clean and so does the air around you. The batteries are good for several years and then are 100% recyclable.

Is it affordable?


You can buy one from under $200 depending on what you are looking for. The Razor scooter for example is popular and sells from as little as $129. Get your electric scooter even cheaper on eBay.

There are no fuelling costs. They come with a battery charger and all you need to pay for is replacement batteries every few years.

Reportedly, operating energy costs for electric vehicles and scooters are about one half percent of the cost of operating comparable fuel powered vehicles.

Is it new technology?

Well… no. People with disabilities have long got around in mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

It’s a disabled environment that will benefit by you running a scooter that is built on disability experience.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Is it noisy?

You’re asking that because of the awful racket petrol/gas fuelled bikes and scooters make.


This scooter is silent. Isn’t that a relief? You can sing and hear yourself on your electric scooter and when you – or anyone else – has had enough of that you can hear the wind and the birds.

Are they reliable?


Compared to fuel-powered vehicles, electric scooters and personal light electric vehicles have far fewer moving parts. That means less friction, less wear and less to break.

Where to buy electric scooters

Awkward to ride?

No, certainly not.

They’re fun as you glide along quietly, avoiding the traffic snarls.

So, what are you waiting for?

Gone crazy about e-scooters and other light-impact vehicles? You might like this magazine.

Can it save the world?

No, ‘course not. Silly question.

But you will make a fun contribution towards reducing global warming IF your scooter use means less car use.

But that’s not enough.

There is no one answer to global warming. Most of all we need a change in thinking, allowing us to live happily with limits and interdependence.

Just as the e-scooter was pioneered, you might say, by people who have disabilities, disability experience shows the real possibility of living well with such changed thinking.

Do something for someone else today and you will have done more towards a sustainable world than any bought gadget can deliver. Besides using an electric scooter, go here if you want to know more about ways to save energy.