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Economical Urban Wind Turbine

by sam yakoub
(Ottawa, Canada)

The new wind turbine named Economical Urban Wind Turbine, EUWT, overcomes all the inherent disadvantages for current wind turbines all over the world.

The intrinsic disadvantages have been generating increasing opposition in all societies against current wind turbine technology.

Our EUWT is silent, occupies 5-7% land needed to a current state-of-the-art wind turbine, no vision disturbance, more powerful and operates under larger wind speed range. It gives cheaper energy, low installation and maintenance costs, has a 3-4 times longer life cycle and doesn’t cause danger to birds.

The design is tested on small scale and we have been trying now to test it on large scale and commercialize it.

The new turbine has following advantages:

- Reducing land requirements of utility scale wind turbines.

- Noiseless or operates without audible noise, i.e. the operating noise measured few hundred meters away is estimated to be non audible or less strong than the ambient noise at all times. This advantage makes lands around new turbines normally usable as before the installation of the new turbines, except spaces to be used by turbines.

Nonetheless, current turbine noise is harmful to health within 2km (1.25 Mile) away from the turbines, while other studies gives about 9-15 KM is a distance where 40 dbA noise can be heard. (http://www.wind-watch.org/documents/symposium-delivers-facts-on-wind-energy/)

Turbine noise causes Wind Turbine Syndrome to people. This leads to have large land areas out of their normal use, such as tourism, residential or farming.

The symptoms include:

Headache, Sleep disturbance, Ringing or buzzing in the ears ( tinnitus) ,Ear pressure
Dizziness, vertigo, Nausea, Visual blurring, Racing heartbeat ( tachycardia), Irritability
Problems with concentration and memory, Panic episodes with sensations of internal pulsation or quivering which arise while awake or asleep.
and http://www.windturbinesyndrome.com)

- A third important benefit is that it doesn’t cause high vision disturbance. See http://www.wind-watch.org/ for effects of current wind turbines on vision.

- Another advantage is the longer life cycle that is estimated of 100 years or more.

- Fifth improvement is higher capacity for the same installation costs. Where cost of installation in a 25 year operation life span will be less than $1000 a KWH that is highly competitive cost with all power generation technologies.

- Anther benefit is low maintenance costs.

- Seventh is that a turbine able to make use of higher wind speed than 12 m/s.

- Eight improvement is that it’s not dangerous for birds and it’s highly likely not to cause any bird fatality.

- Finally, after few years of operation in the new turbine production and installation, we aim to implement a consistent 100% clean renewable supply of energy that is proportional to end user demand. Then our turbines can provide electricity with no aid of conventional power.

Our goal to offer cheaper energy to the whole country by making the wind energy appealing to customers through making it cheaper energy and compete in almost all aspects with all the current conventional and non conventional electricity and energy production. The production costs range is estimated from 0.3-3 cents / KWH in areas with average wind speed 4-10 m/s.
Our strategic plan is to make our country and the USA the largest energy producers on Earth, i. e. to be able to produce1700 GW hourly in the next approx. 30-50 years. This goal allows to use clean energy for all purposes. That aimed energy is equivalent to three times Saudi Arabia combined production of to Oil and Gas in 2009. This goal requires all the Canadian and USA Energy Companies to participate.

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