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Disability and Disasters. Do <b>YOU</b> have experiences you want to share?

General Resources

  • About Hurricane Katrina
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Effects of global warming are greater on those who are already among the highly vulnerable, including disabled and poor people.

And emergency preparedness plans are of much greater use to anyone when taking into account the needs of disabled people. Disability and disasters are an extra-deadly mix.

Here are some links to sites that explore impacts and what may be done to mitigate effects of disasters.

You'll find some great online and off-line resources here. You can even build your own Individual Disaster & Disability Action Plan here. Try it!

Of course I am not claiming that all disasters are linked to global warming. But disasters that ARE linked to global warming, and environmental changes causing it, DO happen (mudslides, floods, heat waves etc). Disaster preparedness is just prudent, especially for people who are already highly vulnerable.

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General research resource

Centre for Disability Studies. Leeds University. go to 'archive search' to find what you want.

Some off-line references here:

"Natural Hazards, Human Vulnerability and Disabling Societies: A Disaster for Disabled People?"Laura Hemingway & Mark PriestleyCentre for Disability StudiesUniversity of Leeds (UK)

"Disability and Disaster Recovery: A Tale of Two Cities?"Priestley,Mark, and Laura Hemingway. Co-published simultaneously in Journal of Social Work in Disability & Rehabilitation(The Haworth Press, Inc.) Vol. 5, No. 3/4, 2006, pp. 23-42; and: Asian Tsunami and Social WorkPractice: Recovery and Rebuilding (ed: Ngoh Tiong Tan, Allison Rowlands, and Francis K. O. Yuen) TheHaworth Press, Inc., 2006, pp. 23-42.

Hurricane Katrina

The needs of people with psychiatric disabilities during and after hurricanes Katrina and Rita: position paper and recommendations

Plus a few more background resources: Katrina Slideshow

Katrina video footage

Map of Katrina's Destruction:

Katrina, The Long Road Back. Overall picture including aftermath.

Katrina nursing home owners plead not guilty. Couple faces charges of negligent homicide, cruelty for 35 elderly deaths.

Disability and disasters Euthanasia in Katrina aftermath? Report: Staff at hospital where 45 patients died debated mercy killings.

Some Katrina-focused off-line references:

Experiences of Hurricane Katrina Evacuees in Houston Shelters: Implications For Future Planning. Mollyann Brodie; Erin Weltzien; Drew Altman; Robert J Blendon; John M Benson American Journal of Public Health; Aug 2006; 96, 8; ABI/INFORM Global pg. 1402

Katrina: Too Much Blame, Not Enough ResponsibilityIris Young, Dissent; Winter 2006; 53, 1; Academic Research Librarypg. 41

Bearing Witness: Assumptions, Realities, and the Otherizing of Katrina, Robbie Ethridge. American Anthropologist; Dec 2006; 108, 4; Academic Research Library. pg. 799

Deals In Katrina Euthanasia Case? Sources Tell Paper Two Accused Nurses Will Testify Before Grand Jury, Won't Be Charged.

9/11, 2005. Attack on America's World Trade Centre

The Impact of 9/11 on People with Disabilities. Particularly for those with mental illness but not exclusively.

First-hand accountby Lisa who has Arthrogyprosis Multiplex Congenita , of getting out of the World trade Centre on that fateful day.

Study: 9-11 Dust Causing Health Problems. Disability following disaster event.


International Disability Rights Monitor:Disability and early tsunami relief efforts in India, Indonesia and Thailand.

Call for a disability-adjusted response to the Tsunami disaster.

Injuries and disability: priorities and management for populations affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Asia

Looking with a disability lens at the disaster caused by the Tsunami in South-East Asia.

What to do about disability and disasters?

Build your own Individual Disaster & Disability Action PlanA versatile questions-and-answer format builds your individual action plan in being prepared for disasters as a disabled person. This Dutch and innovative approach is an excellent resource, being picked up in various countries. Dutch version here.

Cambridge University's Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan.

Preparing For Disasters For People With Special Needs. Queensland, Australia.

Disaster Preparedness for People With Disabilities. American Red Cross.

Further links to my other pages relevant to disability and disasters

Disabled People Experience Global Warming Impacts More Keenly

Disability And Global Warming Have Much In Common.

Global Warming Impacts On Disabled People. Tell Your Story Here

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