by Khyati Gupta

Yesterday I read about the news of radiation.
If radioactive rays are so harmful , people must live without electricity because they can kill anyone and the people of Japan are the greatest example.

I know electricity is very important for us and it has become our need but what if it will destroy everything and our previous generation have lived without it, so why not we?

We can set windmills in many places and they can provide electricity. I know that they can't provide electricity continuously but they are much better than radioactive rays.

If everyone will forget about that wicked radioactive rays we can find a solution.
Lastly I want to say that we should say "GOOD BYE" to all radioactive materials like Germany because if they will be, nothing will be left.

Yes, Khyati , maybe this nuclear disaster will prompt a wholesale rethink about our energy sources and how much we really NEED to consume.
Regards, Team

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