Consumed - A Consuming Movie

Consumed? is a movie about "this weird illness called consumerism" as the voice-over goes. "We're getting very little from it but are working very hard to make sense of it."

You can see a free preview here.

The film maker is Richard who describes this work as a new consumer psychology film.

He is based in the north of England and recently finished making this independent film about "the psychology of consumerism and modern society, looking from an evolutionary viewpoint."

A most laudable pursuit we think. How can we begin to change towards living sustainable lives where all can flourish if we don't understand the place we're in now. When we are not aware most of the time of the consumerist soma (read Huxley's Brave New World) we take in every day/

We decided that work such as Richard's deserves promotion on our site as leading to further insights on postmodern life and its connections to living inadequate impoverished lives in a world of unrealised potential.

If the viewer would think of this subject as unnecessarily dark because we know about the pitfalls of our consumer society, think again. How many of us really do recognize the consumerist water in which we swim? When we've been drip-fed on ads to invite us to have it now, to act on our wants rather than on the needs of others, and just to have more of the latest?

No, the more exposure that can be given to the dead-end street nature of modern 'western' life the better it is. We're going to have to go through some huge socio-environmental changes anyway so why not do it now, voluntarily?

You can also look at a trailer of 'Consumed' here.

Looking forward to more of this film maker.

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